Didn't the Argus Leader start a editorial blog feature?

A little while back, I had written on the Argus introducing a editorial re-write feature. While it was tried in the LA times and failed, the Argus was going to give it a go in South Dakota.

In the twenty days since it was introduced, how many weekly editorials have they posted to be re-written? 1. That's 1 as in one; uno; single. And this supposedly weekly feature was going to be a way for readers to interact. And so far, two people have replied. One the day of the post. One the day after.

I have the feeling this thing is going to fizzle from inattentiveness as their 2004 attempt at a political blog did.

Just a hint; Guys, it's not enough to regurgitate material from your paper edition. You need fresh content and it needs to be constantly updated. You need to pay attention to it and nurture it.

And you need to be wearing pajamas while you do it. I know I am.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Wearing pajamas! Do they have feet on them, or did your Mom have to cut those off?

A real red blooded American man would be sitting at his computer in his underwear scratching his package through the various rips and tears.

Pajamas? We don't need no stinking pajamas.
Anonymous said…
I like my pajamas, and so does my wife. In fact, she's bought some for me.

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