enough said.


Anonymous said…

How about a "legislation for dummies"? The current legislature could use a copy.
Anonymous said…
How do I define "dummy"?

Claim you are a South Dakota campaign and not from California,


your publicity person is from California,

your web server is in Louisiana

you write letters to the editor about police corruption in Tacoma,

and your website talks about corrupt judges in California, Ohio and South Carolin.

Notice there's nothing South Dakota about any of this?
Anonymous said…
One more thing: the California judicial corruption case Amendmente.com is using on their website? It's from 1996.
Anonymous said…
I hope everyone out there, no matter which side you're on, has enough sense not to sign the referendum petition on HB 1215 (the abortion ban). It's going to be challenged in court anyway. Does anyone want to hear non-stop ads on the subject all summer and fall? Plus all the wasted money, all because a few wackos are so obsessed with their "right" to kill children.

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