light posting warning

Since I've gotten 10,500+ visitors this month (20K+ hits) I'm going to phone it in for the rest of the week...

Actually, my network card took a hit from the storm last night, and I'm going to Brookings after work, so I need to effect some repairs over lunch. I'm writing this from a family member's computers.

Must be God punishing me for trash-talking J.A.I.L. Or any number of others.. I notice CCK and SD Watch are also slacking off, so it must be spring fever.


Nicholas Nemec said…
Admit it the corporate big shots from SDWC, CCK and SD Watch are all members of some evil, Internet based, one world government plot. We know you are flying your black helicopters to the secret world headquarters located near Harrisburg. Once there you will file income tax returns and thus perpetuate the enslavement of freedom loving people everywhere.
That's not true!
Their headquarters is in the Professor's basement in Brookings!
Anonymous said…
The Professor doesn't use the black helicopters because the FAA would track them. SDWC actually uses black 1969 Dodge Darts, specially modified with anti-surveillance equipment and WIFI.
Anonymous said…
PP what's with "phoning it in"?? So you become Mr. Bigshot Blogman with all your unique visitors and suddenly you're resting on your laurels?

On a side note, you've been using the terms: "phoning it in" and "throw them under the bus" way too frequently lately.

I suggest the readers help you grow as a person by giving you new catchphrases. I'll start helping you out with these:

for "phoning it in":
1. Since I'm a superstar now, I'm just going to take the day off.

2. I'm going to stateworker it.

3. I'm going to pull a Quayle.

for "throwing them under the bus":
1. Throw them from the train

2. Toss them off the bridge

3. Chuck them in the meat grinder

4. They should be Janklowed. alt usage: They should be Kennedy'd.

5. They should be put on a boat with the Minnesota Vikings.

Any other helpful suggestions out there, readers? PP always says he wants to improve his writing.
Nicholas Nemec said…
He's going to kick us to the curb.
He's going to double flush the J.A.I.L. crew.
It's time to swab the decks with those bums.
Flush 'em out with the bilge water.
Throw all trash off the starboard fantail.
He's hanging them out to dry.
He'll hang them from the highest yardarm.
He's making them walk the plank.
He had to double bag that one.
He's as crooked as a sidewinding polecat.
He must have had a diabetic blackout.
Nicholas Nemec said…
That may be true Jerry, but I have learned from a reliable source that an extensive network of underground tunnels exists between Harrisburg and Brookings. These tunnels are reported to be wide enough for two 1969 Dodge Darts to travel side by side.

With six kids Mrs. PP would not put up with those noisy, smoke filled meetings. PP tells her he's going down in the basement to check the water heater then he fires up the Dart and heads off to Harrisburg using the tunnel to avoid detection by orbiting satellites.
Anonymous said…
Nic,isn't it time to feed the cows!
mhs said…
Hmm, looks like another group of subversives uncovered. Your email addresses, and tax records confirm it. We know everything about you and we're on our way. Please remain in your current locations.
Thank you.

-The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Other Stuff you're not supposed to know about.
The basement is soundproofed, obviously! mobey is no oject to this ilk!
Anonymous said…
Nicholas Nemec said…
Hell hath no fury like a hungry cow.

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