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Constitutional Party webpage and candidate info

I asked earlier if anyone had heard anything about the Constitutional Party Candidate, but the response was pretty slim. I did do some digging over Lunch and managed to find out the scoop about this 3rd party (4th party?) candidate. So, From the South Dakota Constitutional Party Website - Candidate Steve Willis:

South Dakota has a candidate for the Governor’s race!

Steve Willis has offered to run for govenor. Steve has been Vice-Chairman of the SD Constitution Party now for 3 years, and he also ran for PUC in 2004. We believe he will represent the Constitution Party well.

Steve Willis is a conservative, active patriot that believes in the founding principles of our country and state.

Steve is concerned for our great state of South Dakota and has served as the Vice-president of the Constitution Party of South Dakota for 3 years. He also played an active part in getting the Constitution party on the ballot in our State.

Loyal to the freedoms of our country, Steve served in the United States Navy in 1981-1985 as active duty and then for several years as a reservist.

A dedicated worker, Steve is also a small business owner. He believes that there is great potential in our State both in industry and economy.

Steve has a Master’s degree from Great Plains Baptist Divinity School and is a licensed preacher. He is also an active Christian and has served in various ministries. He has ministered in the Minneahaha county jail and presently works in the International Ministry of his church.

Steve and his wife, Amy, have been married for 10 years and have 3 sons. Together they enjoy reading, walking, picnicing, and the great outdoors of South Dakota. Presently, they reside in Sioux Falls.
In case you didn't know anything about the Constitutional Party - here's a snippet from their platform as posted on their website.
Over the years, the Federal government has radically departed from the constitutional principles of money and banking. Today's monetary system is precisely what the Founding Fathers feared most and sought to prohibit constitutionally. We believe that to restore integrity, credibility and stability to the nation's money and banking system, we must disestablish the Federal Reserve System, restore the constitution system of having gold and silver backing for our paper currency, an abolish Fractional Reserve Banking.

We say "NO" to the so-called New World Order and "YES" to the autonomy of these United States of America. We join with other American patriots to steadfastly oppose the surrender of American liberty and autonomy to any form of world government or any organization which works toward that end.

Furthermore, we oppose any organization that requires binding, rival oaths of loyalty that would subvert our efforts to restore our State and Nation to its Biblical and constitutional boundaries. We, therefore, oppose membership in secret societies and/or gloablist organizations by any of our members or candidates.

We call for legislation to abolish the Internal Revenue Service. WE oppose any authorization, appropriation, or continuing resolution which contains any funding whatsoever for that illicit and unconstitutional agency. It is our intention to replace entirely the current tax system of the U.S. government with a new approach based on the original design of our Founding Fathers.
Ooookay. I'm hearing the "New World Order" phrase a little too much as of late. Oddly enough, I see this phrase tossed about on the websites of people who suport judicial accountability.

In case you were wondering about the NWO in general (and not the guys from the World Wrestling Federation) , Click here to read how some people tie it all into UFO's, freemasonry, the Trilateral commission, the UN, the Anti-Christ, Jewish people, satanic murder, and anything else you might imagine.

Watch out for the black helicopters.


Dusty Johnson said…

I'm on my lunch break and wanted to add my two cents . . .

When I ran against Steve in 2004, I found him to be a very nice gentleman (his wife Amy is also nice).

By in large, he ran a race based on the issues and didn't say a mean word about either Burg or me. He was dedicated to his beliefs, but not necessarily the PUC race. I didn't see him at any events or gatherings during the campaign (other than the PBS debate
and the Argus Leader editorial interview).

I suspect that Steve won't do much better or worse than the third-party candidates that have run in the past have done. He's a nice guy who cares about our state, but he'll find it difficult to gain much traction in what will be an expensive and high-profile race.
mhs said…
I wish just one of these groups wishing to "restore the wishes of the founding fathers" would learn a little history.

Our central banking and currency system were designed by Alexander Hamilton. For those who didn't listen in American History class Hamilton wrote the "Federalist Papers". Hamilton, more than any one else, designed our economic system and, as the first US Secretary of the Treasury, put it in to practice.

Hamilton was a New York delegate to the Constitutional Convention. His view for a strong federal government were tempered by the views of Jefferson and Madison, who favored a weak federal government and strong state identities. Initially opposed to Hamilton's economic policies, Jefferson and Madison agreed to a compromise, now known as the "compromise of the 1790" that created the fist cental bank of the United States and pretty much the economic system we have today.

So, the main three driving forces of the constitution agreed to the current central bank system less than a year after the constitution took effect on March 4, 1789.

Pretty much sounds like we got what the founding father wished for to me. . .
Anonymous said…
to mhs, The original first central bank was not the Federal Reserve System that we have today, and back then it was a gold standard, which it is not today, so a lot has changed.
Anonymous said…
pp, Haven't you ever heard of the UN? They are obviously not operating in freedom-loving Americans' best interest. Just because someone is strong on US sovreignty and opposed to one-world government doesn't mean they neccessarily believe all that other stuff. Are you so naive as to not believe there are very wealthy and powerful people,who are unelected, but have a massive amount of control over what really goes on in the world?
PP said…
Anon #2, you believe professional wrestling is unscripted too, don't you?
Anonymous said…
I have personally met Steve. I belive him to be
an honest citizen and patriot. It is when common men do, that great things happen.

I must believe great things are going to happen today and in the the years to come.
I have to wake up every morning and honestly believe that, or whats the use?
Anonymous said…
No, pp, I'm sure it is scripted, and I never could stand to watch it.

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