*UPDATED* Legislative Candidate update

Gregory Kniffen has filed his petitions for a Democratic run at a House seat, and the Constitutional Party has put up a candidate for Distrct 14 Senate against incumbent Dave Knudson. William Scott of Sioux Falls is the man running for that one.

Republican Daniel Lederman of Dakota Dunes is also running - he's looking at a legislative House Seat in District 16, hoping to knock out Maggie Gillespie.

Democrat Eldon Nygaard of Vermillion has filed petitions in the District 17 House race as I had been tipped off, and David Lust out in Rapid City has his petitions in as a Republican for the House in District 34.

7pm - update

Add Thomas Black, Democrat for the House in District 3 to the list and Republican State Senator Duane Sutton is reupping for the same district.

My good friend State Senator Brock Greenfield has his petition in for District 6, which means I probably have to write him a check.. and my former State Senator Bob Gray (I'm registered in Brookings now) turned his in for District 24.

Representative Larry Rhoden is completing the 4th petition to be turned in for the District 29 House Race primary, and Republican Gordon Howie has turned his in for District 30.

Lyle Hendrickson is the last man today, and he's in for District 35 House as a Republican.


Haggs said…
Gillespe, as a pro-life Democrat, may be tough for a Republican to beat. The best bet might be to come out opposed to the abortion ban as "going too far." That would grab up the votes from people who are pro-life but what exceptions for rape and incest.

I live in District 16 so I'll be watching that race closely. I'll be interested to see Lederman's political views.
Anonymous said…
Dave Knudson is the incumbent Senator in 14, not Tornow, he's in the House.
PP said…
Good Spot Anon. I get a little bleary eyed from looking at this stuff sometimes.
Anonymous said…
Go get 'em Bill Scott! Knudson is an arrogant big shot, who has squandered the principles of the Republican party. Although I'm not in that District, I am a Republican, and would vote for Scott, the retired owner of Scott Lumber, any day over the lawyer, Knudson.
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