More candidate ads

This is about actual size for this candidate ad by Dawn Regula of Eureka.

On the good side, her name and office stand out. As for the rest? One word: Don't. It's about 4-5 inches of wasted space. Not even weekly newspaper readers are going to sit and pick through a loooong winded resume in 6 point type.

A Name, Logo, a picture of her, and something thanking people for their vote would have been a better bang for her buck.


Anonymous said…
Half of that space is "resume" before she starts her 3rd paragraph (of 4) with "That brings me to Eureka." If there's one or maybe two things she did before she moved to the community for which she wants to be a city councilor, she could easily summarize with a bullet point.
Anonymous said…
a resume this long winded would be tossed by an employer in a heartbeat.
Anonymous said…
Reminds me of the old football player who scored a touchdown for the opposition, "Wrong Way Regula".

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