Gubernatorial Candidate Websites

I notice that Jack Billion has his website address reserved at, although it's a little skinny on content at the moment.

And Dennis Wiese is similarly working on his web effort at as he also gears up for a campaign.

I'm not finding one for Tyler Smith, so if anyone knows of it, please tip me off.

There's also Governor Rounds re-election website at Supremely high-tech, it has an introductory video commercial, and all the bells and whistles. It's pretty nice


Publisher said…
I have a web site for Billion until his is up and going.
I'm looking for anyone willing to help me out with it. Unlike Nick, I actually take time out of the day to feed my cows
Anonymous said…
I just get up at the crack of dawn to check for calves and feed those moo cows. Because it is too wet to farm right now that leaves the rest of the day to make a fool of myself on the internet.

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