Clinton/Obama feud comes down to a South Dakota Connection

Check out this ABC news report as to the real reason why David Geffen switched over to Barack Obama from being a Hillary Clinton supporter - it's all about Leonard Peltier, who many years ago in South Dakota murdered two FBI agents in cold blood:
The sharpest political snipes among the Democratic 2008 presidential hopefuls can be traced beyond media mogul David Geffen to a jailed man named Leonard Peltier.

Peltier, convicted of murder in 1977 for allegedly gunning down a pair of FBI agents in a shootout at South Dakota's Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, was one of the primary reasons cited by media mogul David Geffen for jumping ship from New York Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign in favor of fellow Democratic Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois.


In 2001, Geffen, a key Democratic supporter with deep pockets and influence among Hollywood's elite, was one of many high-profile backers of a clemency campaign for Peltier, an American Indian activist, during the final days of Bill Clinton's presidency.

FBI supporters, however, fought back, launching an aggressive campaign of their own to keep a man who they believed killed two agents behind bars. Among their tactics were full-page newspaper ads and a march on the White House to influence Clinton's decision.

Ultimately, Peltier was left off a list of 140 people granted presidential pardons by Clinton during his second term.

Read it all here.

Actually, it's also my understanding that former Governor Bill Janklow deserves significant credit at keeping this cop killer in jail. The story goes that Bill Clinton was going to do it until Janklow personally spent some time with him, showing him the file of how Peltier gunned down these agents, leaving widows and fatherless children in his wake.

To this day, after being tried and convicted by a jury of his peers, Peltier remains in Leavenworth where he belongs. We can only hope that those who we elect to the office of president have the sound wisdom and judgment to leave him there to serve out his sentence.

You can go here to learn more at the No Parole Peltier Association about what really happened.


Lee Schoenbeck said…
Peltier didn't "allegdly" kill those agents in cold blood -- he was convicted - he DID kill those agents in cold blood, at point blank range, including atleast one shot that I believe went through the agents hand as he was trying to shield his face (a defensive wound) from the cold-blooded killer Peltier. I am sure the wife and children they left behind would be willing to explain to Mr Hollywood, why a father/husbandless home shouldn't be forgotten.
There are a lot of reasons to not vote for Hillary Clinton, but only a HollyNut flake could use this one
Anonymous said…
Heck, this may be a reason TO vote for Hillary.
AgentCooper said…
here's the key question: WHAT DID HILDEBRAND AND OBAMA PROMISE GEFFEN FOR HIS ENDORSEMENT??? I'll tell you what. Hildebrand/Obama agreed to give a cold blooded murderer a pardon. All because they want help from a Hollywood billionaire! This is today's Democratic Party in a nutshell.
Anonymous said…
seems like one fumble after another for old Hildy...what an over-rated hack he what he's like 2 for 12 in elections. He's doing lots of damage to Obama.
Anonymous said…
First Hildy lets his emails attempting to bribe a black minister for votes get out (like he spread money around the Indian reservations for Daschle for years) and now he gets Obama mixed up with a murderer. That guy is a freaking IDIOT.
Anonymous said…
agentcooper... I just read the article and I guess I missed the part where Obama said he agreed to pardon Peltier. Could you please post a link to the article you read that stated that? Oh, there is no article?

Can I assume you are a member of the Republican party? And if so can we say that, based on your post, the Republican party in a nutshell spews accusations with no backing?
Anonymous said…
When a huge financial backer that has made a big f'ing deal out of getting a pardon for someone signs on to your Presidential campaign it is certainly implied that such backer will want to impress his views on the candidate of choice.

Furthermore, Obama has not renounced Geffen's support and as such that support carries with the baggage we are reading about now.

Obama is too inexperienced, too far left, and way too wrong on how to best defend this country from those want to do us harm to be elected anyway.

The guy is to the left of America on the war, taxes, social issues...last time the D's had a candidate like that they got crushed...McGovern Style!

It it true that McGovern's own precinct didn't even vote for him?
Anonymous said…
read the real truth here:
Anonymous said…
Lee, I am not as convinced as you are. It is best that you keep to yourself what you think you know.

Instead feel free to discuss the orphans left behind in the wake of Calvary cowardliness. Don't forget that the 7th Calvary was awarded medals for murdering unarmed people seeking shelter from the December elements.

Don't forget to add in unsolved border town murders that left Indian children without a father.

Don't take the justice system to a level it doesn't deserve. It makes mistakes and other time is vehemently retaliates.

Bruce Whalen
Anonymous said…
If he had been tried by the same kangeroo courts that tried Peltier, Lee Schoenbeck could've been convicted of those murders. I'm unconvinced.
Ike said…
Thanks for posting this link. The only people pushing for Peltier's release are people who historically have supported domestic or political terrorism. Peltier is a terrorist & a murderer.
Ike said…
Thanks for posting this link. The only people pushing for Peltier's release are people who historically have supported domestic or political terrorism. Peltier is a terrorist & a murderer.
Anonymous said…
Ike - Is pushing for fair trial terrorism? Is the entire judicial system complicit in murder if Peltier was falsely convicted? You are on the wrong track!

If you really want to get into a discussion about domestic or political terrorism, bring your best.

Bruce Whalen

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