Senate Transportation passes out another nanny-state bill.

This morning, Senate Transportation passed Representative Willadsen's ridiculous Republican counterpart to Democratic Representative Ahler's equally stupid car seat bill.

House Bill 1189 is yet another attempt to let us all know what's best for us, because apparently we're all too stupid to know anything without government intervention. As I've previously noted, the bill required kids older than 5, but younger than 8 to be in booster seats, despite the fact that it's yet another government mandate of telling people how they need to live their lives.

And, the Senate committee passed the measure out 5 to 2.

Gant, Garnos, Sutton, McCracken and Gary Hanson all voted to perpetuate the nanny state, with Napoli and Kloucek properly voting no.


Anonymous said…
I can't get enough of PP complaining about the "nanny state."

If it affects him, or if it's something he cares about, he's the most vocal and ardent supporter of individual choice.

But if it's something that doesn't matter to him, or that he might disagree with, he sings a totally different tune.

Anonymous said…
My seven year old is going to be sooooo inconsolable when I put her BACK in a car seat....what a joke. I for one will take my chances on a ticket, rather than put my 7 year old....(whom has not been in a car seat since she was 5 mind you) through the torture of trying to explain why she NOW needs to be back in a car seat!! This is ridiculous and I think one of the stipulations for legislators to vote on such bills is that they should at least have children of their own!!
Elais said…

I notice you believe that they will be wiping peoples asses for them next.

How about this scenario. Lets say your fearless Republican leaders ban toilet paper. 'Toilet Paper is a crutch!' they cry. They justify it by saying that people have been wiping their own asses for centuries without the benefit of toilet paper. They want to return to those good old days of tp-free America. Let the people make their own choices on what to use as a substitute, market forces and all that.

Of course, the wealthy Republicans will be above all that. They will keep the luxurious two-ply Charmin all to themselves. They've earned it you, see. Not the huddled masses yearning for a clean butt.

Republicans would rather have American sitting in their own shit rather than give them the 'nannyish'toilet paper.
Rufus said…
I thought conservative Republicans won those elections this year and not the mambie pambie moderate/liberals. In our GOP controlled Senate Knutson's singing Kumbaya giving away more taxes to teachers. The abortion bill can't get more than one vote in State Affairs. They're passing garbage bills on dead people, tanning beds and seat belts. When are we going to get some real warriors running the show up there? And where the hell is Rounds? I see his grinning puss on tv to inflate his ego but he's AWOL in this entire session.

Will the last real Republican in Pierre please turn out the lights?!?!!!
Anonymous said…
I love the way that we try to protect our citizens, if they are in an accident.

The legislature has failed in the past to pass legislation to require the use of headlights during inclememt weather. That would maybe prevent some accidents.

Something else to consider, if you happen to have a large family, say mon dad and six young kids, how can you get them all in the car if 3 or 4 of them are under age of eight? Now we are making mom and dad lawbreakers for taking their whole family along.
Anonymous said…
Bi partisianship Kloucek and Napoli or Napoli and Kloucek common sense leadership for the people of South Dakota!
Anonymous said…
Yeah, Yeah for Napoli. He is my sort of legislator. Let's get on with doing something about real property taxes, something serious.
Anonymous said…
Napoli is certifiably insane. A moron among morons.
ken mcnanny said…
We'll get legislation through yet, so we can make pp a criminal. Hahahahahahhahahahah!

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