Uh oh. The AP is getting snippy with bloggers.

I just got a terse note from Tena Haraldson, the AP bureau chief, that I have (had) an AP Thune photo on my blog, along with other AP material that needed to be removed.

Of course, I dumped the photo, (which I got from another blog, not realizing it was AP) but that brings into question the fair use laws, and how much (or how little) can be used with editorial content added as is my understanding of "fair use."

I'll have to do a little legal research on this one.


Douglas said…
In the March 6, 2007 PC Magazine is an article titled "All Typed Out?" that indicates a Gartner study says blogging with peak in 2007. There are now more abandoned blogs than active blogs.

Gartner predicts peak of 100 million blogs in 2007 then dropping down to 30 million blogs. What's the point?

Well, if AP had any sense, they would sell bloggers the rights to use some of their feeds, graphics, and stories for $10 a year or some such. $300 million doesn't seem like chicken feed to me, but obviously not all bloggers want the AP kind of news and images.

Sure would be nice for those of us blogging who don't spend all our time contemplating navel lint.

Of course, we might wonder if Tina H. is trying to pick up some news from blogs that she could use for nothing too.

Blogs and the AP would make a good combination if a little common sense and decency is injected into the equation.
Dustin Gawrylow said…
I too got the email.
Anonymous said…
I'll take the bloggers over the AP. Guess they are getting a tad bit picky I would say. They will continue to be on the short end when it comes to fast news.
feasant said…
You will see more of this, as bloggers continue to take away market share from the Liberal media!
Anonymous said…
feasant is right
Anonymous said…
I am glad to see somebody doing something about the intellectual property theft, idea knozzling, and occasional downright copyright infringement and plagiarism that seems rampant on this blog and others.

I, for one, welcome our MSM overlords.
Douglas said…
I'm sure this is a liberal plot by the "liberal" media...at least on Planet Lunatic. This has more to do with corporate or association greed and protection of conservative assets.

I guess we bloggers with digital cameras could put together our own collection of shared images. I have a few I took of Tim Johnson and my guess is that most of the SD politicians have been photographed by photographers also not associated with AP.

Maybe it is time for a real association of SD bloggers without regard to ideology and not just as an excuse to get press coverage for a special agenda.
nicholas Nemec said…
Douglas has the best idea of the entire debate. Start your own ABSD (Associated Bloggers of South Dakota). All bloggers could post images and borrow them at will.

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