Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner this week

If you're Republican, and in Pierre this week, you might want to go check out the Hughes County Lincoln Day Dinner this Thursday night.

This years event will be on Thursday February 22 at the Ramkota in Pierre, and they will be honoring Don Rounds as the volunteer of the year. Former State House Speaker Matt Michels (who has been mentioned as a gubernatorial hopeful) will be the keynote speaker.

I think it all kicks off about 6ish.

I'll be there covering the event for the website, and I hope to have some pictures and sound bites to go along with them.

See you there.


Anonymous said…
Michels in 2010!
Anonymous said…
Go Matt, Go!
Anonymous said…
Will Pac-a-Stan be there? Actually, I was wondering why Rapid City elects so many people associated with real estate. Nearly every one ,near past and present, is some sort of broker, developer, or manager of property.Do any common folk get elected out there anymore?

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