More posts coming... Get me to a sound studio..

Sorry for the light posting this weekend. I was one of those who abandoned Pierre in anticipation of the blizzard, and I didn't want to get caught there.

I've had posts on the back burner, the first of which was the Turbak chicken walk. Now that I'm through one of my daughter's 8th birthday party, I've got two more; One on the Dykstra committee comments on the 150% rule, as well as the Van Etten crack made in committee when the "newbies" let the midwife bill go to the floor (how dare they?!?) while he was out.

Unfortunately, I left my PC with all my sound editing stuff back in Pierre, so I'll have to go install audigy (excellent free sound editor) on one of my daughter's computers, as well as finding a "real media" converter, since SDPB insists on using that ridiculous non-mp3 format (personal peeve, sorry).

Stay tuned for more to come.


Anonymous said…
Van Etten. The reincarnation of Kaiser Wilhelm.
Anonymous said…
As an entrenched member of the established medical community, Dr. Van Etten should never have been made chair of the health committee. He has done everything in his power to kill any bill not promoted by the big money of the AMA. He is nothing but a turf protector.
An experienced midwife is just as good or better than any doctor, since this is what they do full time. This is exactly what rural SD needs, those areas far from a hospital. This is an answer to declining school enrollment, and astrnomical health care costs. Did you know it is ILLEGAL in SD for a non-doctor to help with a delivery?? So instead of a good midwife, or even an experienced neighbor, in event of an emergency or if they can't afford a dr.,the husband goes it alone. Ant the medical profession claims to be concerned about health and safety?? YES, of their wallets!
been there said…
It's interesting to look at the votes on the midwife bills. On 1207, Jerke,Kirkeby(a sponsor), and Dreyer, all voted yes in committee, then flopped and voted NO on the House floor. Must have been some heavy-handed arm-twisting & intimidation going on.In the mean-time, 1267 was hung up in committee due to the absence of Van Norman.On second hearing, Dreyer, Kirkeby, and Nygaard all flopped and voted to kill it after voting for it the first time.As a former legislator, I know what kind of threats to play along can take place. In another post someone mentioned how liquor and gambling interests control this state. To that you MUST add "healthcare".
Anonymous said…
What was Dykstras comment on the 150% rule ? or what bill and committe and I will listen, Thanks

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