Rapid City Mayor's Race set to bust wide open

I'm hearing rumors in the Rapid City mayor's race that I'm trying to run down right now. If they hold true - it could mean a hard fought, and somewhat controversial race. Stay tuned for details as they develop.


Anonymous said…
Go Sam!!!
Anonymous said…
This is going to be a fun race to watch.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
In order to be fun to watch, you've got to have good candidates. So far, I've seen nothing that wold indicate that.
Anonymous said…
Sam is just like his friend Ray Hadley, a good councilman who isn't ready for primetime. Sam will make a good Mayor, someday, but now just isn't the right time.
Anonymous said…
Who is this 7:54 anon? that sounds like God talking.."now just isnt the right time" Are you so old and wise and full of experience that you can tell the worthy from the unworthy ?

Speaking of time....

It is time for you to be a man Mike Schumacher...

Tell Sam Kooiker and all Rapid City that you, like Judas, took the silver, and sold your friend out.

I predict that before this is over you will have zero credibility, you will loose your council seat and Doug Hamilton will pay you to just go away and be quiet.

It is also time you put your name on your posts,,,like a man.

Sam's friend, Rick Kriebel
Anonymous said…
Mr. Kriebel -- "like Judas"? Are you implying that Sam is God, or at the very least, part of the trinity. Quite a bold claim.
Anonymous said…
Telling Sam apart from God or deity would be easy.

Telling Schumacher apart from Judas would be hard.
You know what? If you guys are going to lash out and bitch, grow some balls and leave your actual name instead of this "Anonymous" bullshit. Good job on bringing God into this talk about the next race. I'd like to see Sam get into it and I'd also like to see what he can really do for Rapid.
Jennifer L. Schauer

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