Herseth to address legislature tomorrow at 2pm (Updated - AND Thune will be as well)

Congresswoman Herseth is addressing the South Dakota Legislature tomorrow to talk about what's going on in Washington.

Do you think she's going to talk about the Pelosi Iraq resolution? (okay, maybe not).

Updated - South Dakota's own Senator Thune will also be addressing the legislature tomorrow.

(Sorry, I didn't see the release on it yet).


Anonymous said…
maybe Herseth can give a quick lesson in how to be a phony
Vicki said…
which Herseth will show up tomorrow i wonder? pretend "conservative" Herseth or real liberal Herseth....since it's in SD, probably the pretend Herseth will show up
Anonymous said…
1,000 bucks says that she will try to weasel her way out of her vote.

She will go on and on about supporting troops and giving them everything they need (except reinforcements).

Here's what may come out of her mouth (her people will craft language that attempts to show that she is doing everything possible for the troops except sending them the reinforcements they need.)

Not sure about the actual lanaguage but she will try to gloss over it instead of attacking it head on.

Maybe she will throw out a few personal stories about soldiers from South Dakota who have given the ultimate sacrifice and such.

Bottom line more patronizing malarchy and she will again show us why she is more worried about political security than national security.

I hope Gordy Pederson goes up to her and gives her a good West River ass chewing!
SAQ said…
Stephie is just biding her time until she can take over Johnson's senate seat and then run for president....she'll say and do anything to make that happen, including abandon our troops on the front lines
Anonymous said…
Herseth Watch:

I wonder which one show up too?

The one who wants to pander to pelosi...of course not!

Maybe the one that wants to retain that school girl mystique with the a bunch of redneck legislators. Sure.

No doubt she will try to gloss over her anti troop position.

She's starting to look and sound more and more like Tom Daschle every day.

Says one thing back home and then turns into a big liberal in DC
Anonymous said…
Maybe Thune can stand up and tell us why sending our guard units back for a second and third tour of duty in Iraq is a good idea.

What a lackey to Bush and Cheney.

I hope he spends more time talking to Chuck Hagel and John Warner.
Anonymous said…
Neo-con Alert...

Bible study tonight at 10pm followed by Nuclear Warfare: How First Strike Capability Is Back on the Table.

You guys need to get a life.
Anonymous said…
Thank you, PP, for providing this forum for such intelligent discourse. I just spent two minutes reading these comments, and I am dumber for it.
Anonymous said…

I'm in the guard. quit crying about how many times guard units have to go back.

I know many guys who have volunteered to go back 3 or 4 times now.

By the way: can you identify for me which South Dakota guard units are on either their 3rd or 4th deployment?
Anonymous said…
Have you seen the bags under her eyes?? The makeover doesn't even hide it. Maybe Kerry could spare some botox! poor child. What ever she says tomorrow won't change the fact that she's a socialist lib.
Anonymous said…
She got smacked down big time (verbally of course) by a Black Hills State University student/Guard member after she spoke there today.

Nice to see her back in the state though, finally.
Anonymous said…
More troops, if it's the answer, it isn't met w/20,000. This is a half-harted attempt by a half-witted administration basing it's policies on half-truths. And what I hear from the mob and PP is that if you dare challenge their "plan" you don't support "the troops."

Well, lambs to the slaughter, go ahead (and here I mean your unblinking supporters, not "the troops). To what end I have no idea unless you want a weakened military, a lessening of american influence around the world, a strained treasury, an increase in the terrorist threat, 10s of thousands of injured americans, thousands dead (don't really care about the Iraq's, remember Saddam gassed his OWN people in the early 80s)...ah, supporting "the troops."

This isn't the 70s, get over your own loathing (self or otherwise)for the counterculture because disagree this time doesn't make you a hippy, it makes you a citizen doing your damn duty. Kids are dying and being mauled for life based on lies and a misguided policy, nothing else. Stand up. "The Troops" deserve it.

PS-anyone who thinks this is about "winning" needs to question their grip on reality.
Anonymous said…

some things are worth giving it your all including to help struggling democracies.

Gen Patreaus the top commanding general wants reinforcements and so do his junior commanders on the ground.

Why is Stephi micromanaging the military's job?

Why is Stephi preventing our soldiers from having everything they need to fight this war including reinforcements?

As for you weakened influence argument: our influence will only weaken if we pull out like a prom kid after the dance. AQ, Iran and Syria all want us to pull out so they exert influence and create instability so as to implement radical regimes hell bent on nuclear proliferation.

The strained treasury arguments blows: the stock market is at all time highs and so what if bonds are sold to china. 10 years down the road we can call that money in and several cripple the Chinesse if we do so. Giving them a longer rope to hang themsevles financially is ok with me.

I agree with you that disagreeing does not make you hippy...it makes you weak and underserving of the bravery of our troops.

Top commanders on the ground and soliders on patrol want to win this thing...that's why retention rates are highest among those who have seen the most combat.

the military has added 10 more troops above and beyond what they had before 9-11 to their end strength.

Men and women are voting with their boots and joining the military in droves know they will be sent to the slaughter as you so smuggly reply.

Your hatred for Bush clouds you ability to see a threat that the young man from BHSU smacked stephi about yesterday.

Since when does Stephi know more than a young soldier from the SD guard who has been there?

She's blindly following the moveon.org crowd and the Murtha cut and run crowd. Oh, by the way Murtha did a fundraiser for her didn't he. Now she is returning the favor by using our troops in a game of political log rolling.

And one last thing, as for your stand up for the troops crap: Soldiers are in the danger business: they are charged with fighting and winning the nations war and if it means killing and destruction they are up for it.

Stop turning this into some union management issue where the troops are stuck between evil management and the democrats are somehow the union leaders in this issue.

Soldiers are all about kicking ass and winning even if winning only means stablizing a fledgling democracy and protecting it from outside radical Islamic extremism.

I'm glad that Stephi's law clerk job prepared her to micromanage this war. She must know better than the career soldiers who are now in charge of Iraq.
I've been there said…
you meant 10,000 more troops above end strength.

In fact the SD guard has increased in total numbers since 9-11 as well.

and what about that fella up there who claims that guard units are on their third and fourt rotations?

He's not living in SD because no unit in SD has been mobilized 3 or 4 times. Only volunteers who have seperated from their units to go with other deploying units.

6:34 needs to get a clue.

I'm sure they guy would probably stand by while his wife or mother was brutally raped and beaten as well.

He doesn't know what it's like to fight for the lives of other people half way around the world.
Anonymous said…
9:03 and 8:58, better get your hypocritical, koolaid drinking arses to the Sudan, fast! Unless you are just planning to save the people of the world one failed democracy at a time. Fools.
Anonymous said…
8:58 and 9:03--
Right on! Obviously applying common sense. I am behind what you are saying 100%

4:25 and 6:34-weak minded liberals. Go to California.

Since this post is abt Herseth, I feel that she is not voting in the best interests of her constituents, and her vote is contraindicative towards the requests from our military leaders. Maybe she should discuss the effectiveness of her liberal tactics w/ Tommy D, who lost his senate chair because of similar liberal tendancies...which are not favored by our voters. One of the great things about our great state is the lack of liberals who reside here. They really do fit in better in liberal states where they can express themselves.
Anonymous said…
10:01 pm - Your greatest accomplishment given the extreme difficulty.
Anonymous said…
6:34 am - Sounds like you don't support the troops and don't want to win. Then move to France.
scimitar said…
4:04, looks like England better get itself to France. Spain better get itself to France. Italy better get itself to France. Denmark better get itself to France. South Korea better get itself to France. Indonesia better get itself to France. And 65% of the American public better get itself to France too, Right?

None of you chickenhawks will answer the question of why ALL of our coalition partners have given Bush a vote of no confidence. EVERY country that participated in Iraq has either withdrawn fully, or greatly reduced their troops and limited their remaining troops either to non-combat roles or patrolling areas with little to no Shiite/Sunni warfare. England started with 47,000 troops and is now going down to 5,100 just as we're sending more.

If the troop buildup in Baghdad is such a great idea, why aren't our coalition partners sending their troops to Baghdad instead of sending them home?

Why is Bush so unpersuasive that he can't convince a single country anywhere in the world to join in his "troop surge"?

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