Dogpile on Prieksat.

Ever since the Governor's Chief of Staff leveled charges last week that US Fish and Wildlife officer Bob Prieksat was a problem in the relations that the State was trying to build with hunters and landowners, it seems people coming out of the woodwork to agree:
“He harassed us. He bullied me. He used mob-like tactics and intimidates us,” he said. “He told us that he would level enough charges against us that we’d have to close our doors, and by the time the courts sorted it out, we’d be bankrupt. He defamed our character and demeaned us.”

Prieksat denies the bullying charge and rejects Gilkerson’s categorization of his visit to the shop as a “raid.” Prieksat said he and a state conservation officer stopped at Steamboat to check on another issue when they found violations by Gilkerson.
and in another article
...the news story and Web site traffic are prompting some Prieksat critiques to go public. Steve Wright of Albert Lea, Minn., and Jim Wendl of west central Iowa claim that Prieksat verbally abused and intimidated them during a goose hunt near Pierre last fall, then gave them a citation they didn’t deserve.

Wright said they were leaving a field where they had been hunting when Prieksat challenged them with profanity-laced accusations that they were shooting over their limit.

“He was in our face to the point where he’s spitting in our face,” Wright said. “He’s out of control, he’s so vehemently mad.”
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Anonymous said…
No one should forget that Prieksat shut down the Lower Oahe Goose Hunting grounds at Sheehans a couple of years ago for "baiting."

What a joke. Why would a landowner "bait" an area that was open to the public, on a first come, first served basis? that makes no sense, and neither does Prieksat.
Anonymous said…
That's what happens with all types of enforcement - they get egos.
Anonymous said…
this is the same agent that viciously slandered Bear Country in Rapid City and accused them of running a bear factory. Prieksat thinks he is judge, jury and executioner and has no respect for the process. Hats off to the Governor's office for taking a stand.

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