Tan Ban goes down in crushing 10-24 vote

Senate Bill 208, otherwise referred to here as the Tan Ban (a moniker I coined that I've noticed has been picked up by at least one newspaper), went down today with hardly a whimper on a crushing 10-24 vote.

Al Hoerth and Sandy Jerstad testified in favor of the bill, as did Tom Katus (I think... the sound wasn't very clear), but it was absolutely slammed by testimony from Senators Ed Olson and Jason Gant.

I don't think Hoerth's case was helped when he testified that the enforcement burden would be placed on business owners and states' attorneys.

My favorite was the questioning from Jean Hunhoff who asked if the permission note from th parent had to be signed in the businesses' presence. Al Hoerth sheepishly answered "no" as Hunhoff pointed out that kids have been faking parental notes for some time, and didn't think this one would be any different.

So, the vote was 10-24 in favor of sensible government. Take that, nanny-staters.


Anonymous said…
more idiocy from Sandy Jerstad...she's a one-termer
Anonymous said…
No b.s.

I was in year round brown today and they busted me when I didn't have my eye shades.

So I had to buy the little pasties for .40 cents.

Anyway the owner was in there and told me that they were trying like hell to kill the bill.

Anyway it slipped that Jerstad was not too welcome anymore among business owners in the S.F. area.

The other gossipy thing was a question of whether Jerstad herself tans or not. Didn't confirmation on that one.
Anonymous said…
I doubt that anyone is going to consider Jerstad's position on this unimportant issue when deciding who to vote for in 2008. I've never seen an "I Tan and I Vote" bumpersticker.

I'll bet she is reelected because she is a tough campaigner.
Anonymous said…
anon 10:42

Yeah, her feminazi attacks on fellow Senators in committee should go over very well with voters in her district.
Anonymous said…
Good to see that Bill Early has lots of free time to blog.
Elais said…
Oh sure, a woman with strong opinions is a feminazi.

Plenty of male knuckle-dragging assholes on this blog.

You guys bitch about the nanny state, yet you don't make a peep about the daddy state we're in?

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