Just like a social disease, the Pennington County Commission is having trouble getting rid of Delores Coffing

I was having dinner last night with one of the Pennington County Commissioners and several legislators, and he brought up the fact that former commissioner Delores Coffing had shown up at the County Commission meeting asking about a couple of issues that the former commission had worked on.

Lo and behold, the Rapid City Journal has a story on it today:
On other matters, Coffing asked what happened to two legislative efforts that the previous commission had advocated pursing: a new tax on alcohol that would help counties pay for the costs associated with alcohol abuse, and a new tax on billboards.

Coffing said billboard companies should have to pay taxes on their giant signs, just like a homeowner has to pay taxes on his home.

“An article in the paper said (billboards) range from $300,000 to $500,000 each. You need a building permit to put them up. They are a structure, but they’re not taxed. These huge signs and the land they sit on are not taxable,” she said.

Ron Buskerud, administrative assistant to the county commission, said former commissioner Mark Kirkeby, who was elected to the legislature, planned to push an alcohol tax bill but could find very little, if any, support for the measure in Pierre from other legislators. Buskerud said the South Dakota Association of County Commissioners was fully prepared to support a bill, but Kirkeby could not find other legislators to sign on to the bill and that it was eventually dropped.

As far as billboards, Buskerud said, there was a bill put in for taxing advertising, but he was unaware of anything specifically addressing taxation of billboards.
Read it all here. My eye-rolling began in earnest when I read the part about Delores asking about the alcohol tax. You know, the tax that the Pennington County Commission put her in charge of when they wanted to take it to the ballot themselves.

Don't recall? It's the one that - IF she did anything at all -- her major accomplishment was to let the measure wither on the vine.

And now she's complaining because the commission dropped that turkey? She should probably look in the mirror for the sharpest criticism.


Anonymous said…
Let's not forget the quote "...toasting my torso in Hawaii..." Now that's a picture we all want in our heads!

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