Americans for Prosperity hosts "Camp Liberty"

The fiscally conservative advocacy group "Americans for Prosperity" is hosting a campaign seminar in the Black Hills this coming August. As the notation on their website reads: "Interested in running for public office? Here is your chance to brush up on what you need to know to run a campaign."

What else do you need to know about it?:
Camp Liberty will be held August 19-25, 2007, at the Fillmore Lodge. The Lodge is in one of the most beautiful areas of the Black Hills, south of Spearfish near Tinton. The camp is free to prospective candidates [A registration fee of $25 is charged and is refundable to those who attend.] Camp Liberty is sponsored and funded by Tom Gerber as a way to encourage and develop candidates for public office. He can be contacted at 1437 Spruce Street, Sturgis, SD, 57785 or at This is a working camp for candidates. [The family of a candidate may accompany the candidate to enjoy the amenities of the Lodge and surroundings.] Among the activities of the week-long Camp are workshops such as:
Your constituency
Know thyself
Polishing yourself
Grassroots campaigning
Effective campaigns I, II
Using the WEB
Your campaign materials
Political songs
Throughout the week, candidates will be required to give speeches of various lengths and types. In these speech sessions as in other activities, all candidates are expected to help each other in becoming better candidates. Speakers are being sought on topics of interest to candidates. Success of this camp will be measured in the success of those who attend. Greater electoral success of independent candidates and candidates from minor political parties will increase the choices of voters and cause more voices to be heard.

The establishment parties have subjected voters to a process that limits their choices, tending to present tweedledee and tweedledum candidates in the general elections. A major aim of the Camp Liberty is to begin a process in which competitive pressure forces greater variety into the political arena.
Find out more about the program, and Americans for Prosperity here.

Political songs? I've got to find out more about this one. As I'm writing this, I'm composing a note to Duane Sand who runs the organization in the Dakotas. "Duane - tell me about the political songs.... And would it have helped Billion in his campaign song last election....?"

Anyway, go check it out, and mark it on your calendar.


Anonymous said…
This is fantastic!!!

The Democrats should make sure they attend to learn much from how a conservative 501 c 3 organization functions in a campaign training seminar. The $25 price tag is quite an incentive.
Anonymous said…
When is the Roger Hunt decision coming out?
Anonymous said…
"Polishing yourself" sounds vaguely like sodomy.
Anonymous said…
So Duane SAnd and his group is now affiliating with Tom Gerber and the Libertarian party? That lends a lot of credibility to Duane and his fledgling organization. Or not.

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