He's Back. SD Watch Rises from the dead. Or at least a nap.

I'd join SDP and the others in the blogosphere in welcoming back Todd Epp to active posting again at SD Watch. Todd had taken some time off as he worked at his new job with Galland Legal.


Anonymous said…
You're on blogging fire, man. Especially that piece about the buttons. Klaudt seems to have deflated you.
William said…
Glad to see you back, not that I often agree with you, but I appreciate the way you think. Makes me think!
Anonymous said…
Didn't even miss him. Don't care what Epp and his overblown ego thinks about anything.
Anonymous said…
You care about him so little that you'll take the time to type up a comment about it.

Your point would be better served through silence.

Anonymous said…
9:44, yeah, I took the time because I am tired of people like PP fawning over this guy. So it looks like you are the doofus. (You sound a lot like that BF guy on Blogmore...sorry to both of you if I'm wrong.)

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