This one seems to be getting a lot of attention on the Dem Boards.

This clip of Neil Cavuto interviewing a person from Planned Parenthood and Leslee Unruh (as captured by seems to be getting a lot of attention.

I'm not sure that Leslee is doing herself any favors by steam-rolling over her debate opponent as she did.


Anonymous said…
Not a big deal PP, but it's actually someone from NARAL who is on this debate, not planned parenthood.
Anonymous said…
I wouldn't call what Leslee did "steamrolling" I'd call it getting creamed. She made a fool of herself on national tv.
Anonymous said…
To answer your question, no it does not do her any favors. This whole video does not do her or the movement ANY favors. It really just makes her look kind of, sort of, just a little bit NUTS! The best thing that could happen to the pro-life movement in this state (and in the country) is for Leslee (and her ilk) to SHUT UP. I understand her heart is in the right place. And I understand her passion. But she’s never going to convince people on the fence(much less the other side) to change their views and on top of that she is making the rest of us look like unhinged flakes.
Anonymous said…
This show is not really a debate show. You go in there rapid fire and punch the message out.
Anonymous said…
Yup, anon 8:44 hits the nail on the head.

Leslee is looney tunes, and this kind of spectacle just makes the rest of you look crazy too.
I'd like to know two things.
1. Was this clip edited to make Leslee look silly?
2. Would Leslee consider taking care of all the unwanted babies in this state, since she claims "want more babies"
Anonymous said…
Lezleeee is the dumbest dumb-ass in the history of televised political debate. Mind-blowingly dumb. If Right to Life were smart, which they are not, they would run -- not walk -- away from spokesfreaks like Lezlee, Ted Klaudt and Brock Greenfield. As a contributor to R2L, I am disgusted and absolutely discouraged about the future of our cause.
Anonymous said…
Leslee Unruh is God's gift to the Pro-Choice movement. Literally.
Anonymous said…
I watched this in disbelief. She is in serious need of mental treatment. What an embarassment for South Dakota. How much more of this type of insanity can we take?

This paralels the anti video lottery movement. JoDean what's her name became a personality that the vl proponents loved to have attack them. Wisely she backed off and let others take up the cause. Leslie would be wise to do the same.
Anonymous said…
Wow. That was really bad. Leslee doesn't come off as being very smart on that clip.
Anonymous said…
This clip merely demonstrates the true motives of some in the pro-life movement. They want to get rid of birth control for women.
Anonymous said…
Another slimy attack against Brock Greenfield by anonymous 9:37. Brock has nothing to do with Leslee Unruh or Ted Klaudt but, you already knew that.

Yes, Leslee looks and speaks so loopy that Neil Cavuto appeared puzzled by her performance. She really needs to get off the stage.
Anonymous said…
Did she do any research before appearing on camera? There are a thousand salient points she could have made, after all, Neil was with her. She could have won this debate, instead she looks like a clown.

Leslee, I have followed your cause for years. We have even met. But honestly, let's talk (I'm sure you or your people are monitoring the bolg).

First, tone down the lipstick. It is ridiculous. Go for something more natural, and less flaming red. Have you had a makeover since 1990?

Second, I love you current hair do. Even Stephanie should get rid of the ugly shag. You can go darker if you want, after all, we all know you are not naturally that blonde.

Finally, please, please study the issue before you agree to be on air. Find two or three points that are rational and based on facts. Know the supporting facts, and speak them intelligently, like I have seen you do against Kate.

I love babies too, but, it is not proper or wise to chant like a mad woman on national television.
Anonymous said…
Prairie Deacon,
This is Fox News, so it is unlikely they did the editing, and (I will admit I’m going from memory here) this is pretty much what it looked like live.
So nope, it doesn’t look like they edited it to make her look silly. She pretty much did this to herself.
Anonymous said…
One of the funniest comments I read about this clip on blogosphere is speculating how she relied - most likely begged on Big Pharma for antibiotics and/or painkillers with her facelift.

With the big flower on the jacket and just that flaky manner of interupting ... the random "I want more babies", etc., she comes off like The Joker.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 9:37 - If Right to Life is so dumb, why are you claiming to be a contributor? Who would be the dummy?

If your going to fake your way through these comments, over and over, you might want to double-check for discrepancies like that one.
Anonymous said…
Leslee's messages sound contradictory to me.

On the one hand she preaches abstinence - even though she wasn't abstinent.

On the other hand she rails against birth control and wants more baby.

So to put those messages together: don't have sex you unmarried teenagers (even though we know most of you will), but if you do then don't use birth control - have "more baby". Sexually active single women should be having "more baby".
oldguy said…
Leslee should stay off of TV.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that is Leslee, it looks like some transvestite pretnding to be her.
mhs said…
Those of you all saying Leslee is crazy, stupid, loony etc., are missing the big picture. She's crazy like a fox and simply taking to extremes the Karl Rove strategy of appealing to her base.

It's Fox. She knows the hardest of hard core far right are tuned in. It's her way of increasing her visibility in her movement and greatly increasing her fund-raising base. Beating up on a NARAL rep on national t.v. is worth a couple million in new donations.

It's all about keeping the cash rolling in for our own Jim and Tammie Faye power couple.
Anonymous said…
You almost have to turn the tv off when she speaks. What a joke with that garish lipstick and bleached blonde hair. What must the rest of the world think of South Dakota when they see her.

Of course she is a spokesperson for wanting more babies, she is making lots of money taking this position. She gets $160,000 a year of our tax money for her organizatons and lies. Telling us that there was a clause in the list abortion bill for those that had been raped. Now they come out that it definitely wasn't there.

The whole bill was just as creepy as she is and it will be a long time before people vote for a bill against abortion again when they were lied last to time by her and the likes of her.
Anonymous said…
I feel most people don't have the right message at all. The message has gotten lost in thr shuffle or the fight. It really is not a single issue people throw the whole thing together.

I didn't see the TV show. But it seem it was on the "new" form of birth control. I can't say much about it as I don't know the research behind it. I do wonder at times if the FDA is pushing new drugs through to fast!!!!

THis stops something that is a natural part of a womans body what are or will be the ramifications with in a few months or a few years down the road.

I will stop positng now.
a_big_liberal said…
5:24, do you really think she's rallying her base that much by making herself sound that crazy?

All I can hope is that Leslee runs for something (a statewide office, or against Stephanie for the House seat?) in the very near future. I enjoy having my daily dose of Leslee.
Anonymous said…
The base Leslee is churning up is the Hunt/Leslee/Klaudt/Greenfield wing of the Republican Party that overplayed their hand with HB 1215 and do not know when to sit down and shut up.

They ruined the Pro-Life movement in South Dakota, and stupid performances like this simply salt the earth after wrecking the structure so that nothing grows back.

If this is a political base of our Grand Old Party, they can stay home and watch reruns of Captain Kangaroo!
Anonymous said…
I don't bleive that Brock Greenfield even wanted a bill to come foward in the lat session!

Maybe I am wrong but I don't think I am.

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