More on the Klaudt Tragedy.

There's more news swirling about the Klaudt tragedy today.

I call it a tragedy because there's no part of it that isn't tragic. It's tragic for the victims. It's tragic for the people who supported him at one time finding out what he's admitted to already, not to mention what he's accused of. It's tragic for the Foster Care program. It's tragic for the State Legislature's page program.

Anyway, part one is that the District 24 House members are weighing in on the whole thing according to KCCR News:
District 24’s two House members are worried that allegations against a former colleague will cast a negative light on all legislators.

Former Representative Ted Klaudt is facing 14 counts, including eight counts of second degree rape, in two different counties. Some of the charges allegedly were committed while Klaudt was in Pierre for the 2005-2006 legislative session.

The allegations have many South Dakotans question the integrity of all legislators. District 24 Representative Ryan Olson of Onida says this issue should not taint all lawmakers of either party.
Read it all here. Then the story turns much, much darker according to a report tonight from news:
After our story Monday night concerning the Department of Social Services and Ted Klaudt's rape charges, rape counselors are hearing from more victims.

Krista Heeren-Graber, who works with rape victims, says she received a call from someone who says she was victimized by Klaudt.
Read that here. There's possibly more?

This story becomes sicker and sadder with every passing day.


Anonymous said…
"This story becomes sicker and sadder with every passing day."

But not unexpected, given the quality of the sub-humans who voted en masse to pass 1215.
Anonymous said…
I really felt that more might likely come foward. Why, do you wonder, well those who have makes it easier for others to admit it to themselves and others. They do not feel alone.
The question now are they all truth/liget. I know that sounds harsh.

I just want justice to prevail and healing begin.
Anonymous said…

That is not a fair statement. Are you sub-human for being in favor of taking life with abortions?

Besides your conversation is OFF TOPIC.
Anonymous said…
10:28 that is unacceptable. You are an embarassment to yourself and this blog.


It is times like this that P.P. needs to get rid of the comments. They take away from the great job P.P. does. Getting rid of the comments will greatly improve this blog.
Anonymous said…
I have a sneaking suspicion that somewhere in this world there is a rapist who is pro-choice. I just think that trying to tie Klaudt's disgusting and reprehensible crimes (or I guess alleged crimes) to his political beliefs is silly and unsupportable.
Anonymous said…
If he is gulity the answer will come from the courts! Yes, i did read all about it.

As for possibilities, those who are preditors like to be involved in or around their choice of victims which can take the suspension off of them. But in the end they mess up somewhere. The sad thing is it can take a long time to find out. No set patterns. Though there are warning signs and sometimes that can take awhile to determine too.
William said…
There is no way that one can view this situation as anything but sad and bad. I wish that I had more wisdom than that but I don't. Just prayer for the women involved.
nonnie said…
This shouldn't reflect negatively on any other legislator. There are a few bad apples in every profession, sport or arts activity, etc. The rest are hard working, honest, caring people.

And it should't harm the page program, which is a very worthwhile activity for students to participate in.

And I h9pe it doesn't harm the foster care system. There aren't enough foster parents now. Maybe the oversight isn't good enough in allowing people to become foster parents; I don't know. But I would guess that most foster parents are also caring and honest people.

This is a tragic situation all around. But without being able to actually see into another person's mind (which I hope never happens for all the obvious reasons), it's impossible to see a bad apple until it's too late sometimes.

If you are a legislator, know this does not reflect negatively on you, and please don't let it affect the page program in South Dakota.
Anonymous said…
If you voted for 1215, know that this does reflect on you.
Anonymous said…
9:34 you are so wrong!

Stop spinning before you fall over on the floor and someone has to call the ambulance.

This has nothing to do with 1215 overall it is about Klaudt and him alone. If he is guilty the courts will look at all sides of the issues and possible issues.

Sometimes those who become broken records has issues of their own that need to delt with, humm.

Let it go.
Anonymous said…
right, 9:34. if any of you legislators out there voted the same way as klaudt on ANY bills, it reflects on you.

if you voted with klaudt to recognize rodeo as the state's official sport, you too are "sub-human."

i think any legislator who did vote with him, ever, should publicly renounce those pieces of legislation and call a special session to reconsider those votes.

Anonymous said…
lexrex, got any foster kids? girls?

you're right about the rodeo thing though.
Anonymous said…
after doing some extensive research, i just found out that in 2005, all but one member of the legislature voted with klaudt in favor of hb1245, an act to revise certain provisions regarding the use of automated external defibrillators.

can you believe it? all of them sub-humans voting to revise certain provisions regarding the use of automated external defibrillators. tim rave and tom dempster were the prime sponsors of that bill, too. they should be extra-ashamed.

polepolisher said…
hm hm hmmm hmmmm hmmmmmhmmm hmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
Anonymous said…
Why are you people letting that slug who equates 1215 proponents with Klaudt get to you??? That's what he/she wants -- to tick you off. Get over it. We do not need to defend ourselves to that lefty loony.
Anonymous said…
10:02 Watch it!

I think i know where youare goin with that statement!

This is not lexrex, but the people who have foster kids and care deeply and have concern about their futures are very upset over this!
This is why people are afraid to jump in and help those in need people like you attack and assume all are bad or those who don't see eye to eye with you are bad people.

Don't turn this terrible matter into a circus. This is a very terrible case.
Anonymous said…
The prochoice crowd does themselves no favors linking klaudt's votes to the more profound questions abortion raises. Hypocrisy prevails on both sides of the question, but it enlightens no one to drag these allegations into it.
Anonymous said…
PP, what's with these long stupid posts that appeared today? Trolls?
PP said…
I thought it might be trolls, until I saw the content of much of it. I suspect it might be people who disagree with my dumping the MM stuff.
PP said…
Or maybe I can simply say that there's an unusual amount of website traffic tonight originating at the IP Address of

Originating from around Hermosa, SD by someone using a Macintosh running OSX.

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