Oooo. I got a big mention in the Kranz column today.

I noticed I was taking a bit of razzing recently when I did a little political blogging on the Dakota Territory political button show, and what I snagged from the event.

"Jumping the shark" was the comment that I think was pointed out from one philistine. Obviously, not a long time reader, since I've spoken about buttons since nearly day 1. If you appreciate political history, campaigning, and advertising at all, the buttons are a window into the past. Presidential candidates such as Abe Lincoln used them for gosh sakes. The prize of my collection is a South Dakota item dated 1892 (not 1982).

I'd argue that at least a passing nod to political history is a requirement for anyone involved in politics. Who knows, you might even learn something.

Anyway, this post is on a completely different tangent. While I might have gotten razzed about the two or three posts about the button show, it did earn me a nice mention in Dave Kranz's column today at the Argus Leader:

I get branded with a variety of labels on Internet blogs, but the latest mention this weekend was interesting.

Pat Powers, a member of our Dakota Territory Political Memorabilia club several years ago, came to our Saturday show in Sioux Falls. I don't read the blogs, but I'm told he runs one of the better ones in the state, the South Dakota War College. I am told that my picture is on his Web site showing me with what turned out to produce a bit of controversy.

I was pictured displaying some of my political items and wearing a Chicago Cubs hat.


Heretic! Turncoat! All of those things came to the minds of people viewing the War College site.

What's all the fuss?
Read it all here. It sounds like Dave is getting razzed with as much force as I'd get with my Debbie Gibson Electric Youth tour T-shirt (I bought it for eBay, honest).

Although I'm sure I'll get enough razzing just for this post. When I thought about it as I was dropping my daughter off at high school, this post marks me writing about Dave, writing about me, writing about Dave.

But it's worth it to point out that I got a mention in the Argus as "one of the better blogs" in South Dakota.


Anonymous said…
"I don't read the blogs."

what a LIAR!!!
Anonymous said…
David K. has collected buttons for years. I would say PP has also.
Even though people can be very partisain in thier politics most can put aside and find common interest. Yep some people live and breath politics i for one love politics but, I do have friends on both sides of the isle and some in between.
History is history and buttons are history too.
Maybe Krantz has someone else read the blogs for him.
PP good for you getting mentioned!
Anonymous said…
Dear Dave:

Why don't you come clean about being Daschle's butt-boy for 35 years?

Button Collector
Anonymous said…
"I'd argue that at least a passing nod to political history is a requirement for anyone involved in politics."

I'd argue that you better start with learning the difference between "its" and "it's." That should keep you busy for quite a while.
Dennis Donothing said…
Kranz said he'd heard that SDWC was one of the "better" blogs in SD.

I imagine he heard it from PP.
Good line--PP writing about Dave writing about PP. Now I'm writing about PP writing about Dave writing about PP. And so it goes infinitum. Totally tubular!
Anonymous said…
getting hailed as one of the better blogs in SD is like a SD legislator being noted for not breaking the's all relative
Anonymous said…
BOMBSHELL!!!! Pat Powers and Dave Kranz have SECRET connection and share COMMON pasttime.



Why won't the Argus come clean about it's right wing sympathies!
Haggs said…
"Although I'm sure I'll get enough razzing just for this post."

Razz! Razz! Razz!

Okay, I'm done.
Douglas said…
Nothing quite like an anonymous poster attacking the quality of blogs in South Dakota. There are a number of blogs in South Dakota which are probably as good as any in the US.

Mt. Blogmore is an interesting experiment as a blog and has an interesting mixture of conservative and liberal posters. Bill Harlan and Kevin Woster heard cats mostly pretty well and they tend to reduce the volume on nonsense anonymous attack posts.

I assume there are a bunch of kids blogs that are navel-gazing dribble, but those are all over the country as well I assume.

PP has a pretty good blog even if his conservative posture is mind- crippling now and then. He deserves a compliment or two.

Joel Rosenthal has a Republican perspective that is tolerable. Prairie Progressive is less political, but also a good blog.

SD Magazine is a type of blog that has the benefit of a magazine to put good interesting folksy material out.

There are also a mixture of the rest of us with perhaps rabid perspectives on right or left or a mixture.

South Dakota has nothing much to be ashamed of in terms of blogs...with the possible exception of blogs which were being paid to present a partisan perspective without disclosing they were a kind of media whore.
Anonymous said…
By the way PP, I forgot to say good for you geting noted in the paper.

This blog is a good blog and he is up to date on issues and conversations in SD. Great Job! Keep it up!

Here is a pretend tissue for those Dems who like to visit and "try" to cause problems.

When Republicans or others post here that doesn't mean we all see eye to eye on all issues. Do PP and I agree on "all" issues, I don't think so. But that does not mean I will not visit his blog. Here i am as many others are.

12:50 poster is that you Chad????
Anonymous said…
12:58, i see you got the jab in there......
Anonymous said…
Did Kranz really say he doesn't read blogs?

he's either:

(1) a liar


(2) an idiot (especially since he's supposed to have his pulse on south dakota politics)

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