Gorilla Revealed?

The Wall Street Journal is on the Gorilla Story, and has this speculation from a couple of locals who've done some independent cyber-sleuthing:
Several landowners say they've been told the company would employ a technology or process not currently used in the U.S. That may point to a new type of fuel creation, such as a plant that converts coal into a liquid fuel that can be put into regular diesel engines, a process in use in several countries. Such a facility could generate electricity and produce ultraclean diesel, jet or other fuels.

In the past few weeks, Messrs. Cody and Curry stumbled onto some tantalizing new evidence. They got word that a man named Richard E. White is the "R.E. White" whose signature is on land-option papers filed at the courthouse. Mr. Cody searched the Web, and found a detailed biography of a Richard E. White of Findlay , Ohio , who's a former senior executive at Marathon Oil Corp.

Mr. White, who played on Indiana University 's 1953 national-championship men's basketball team, retired in 1999 from Marathon , where his work included real-estate transactions. "We think he could be involved," says Mr. Cody. "But we don't have DNA."

Across town, Jason Quam, 39, took up the Gorilla hunt last month, deciding that if he knew the buyer's identity and finances, he would have a stronger negotiating position. His parents, Andrew and Judith Quam, have been talking to the buyers about agreeing to an option to sell 144 acres at a price of $5,250 an acre, about twice what farmland had been fetching in recent years. Jason says he's also trying to get more for a 9-acre plot he owns.

Last week, he had a breakthrough: After hours of digging online, the younger Mr. Quam downloaded from the Web site for Hancock County , Ohio , a mortgage document signed by a Mr. White for a home in Findlay . The signature -- "R.E. White" -- matched the signature on the Elk Point documents. Mr. Quam says there's little doubt a major energy company is behind the Gorilla, and Mr. White is consulting for it.

Mr. White didn't respond to repeated calls to his home for comment. Paul Weeditz, a Marathon spokesman, says the company is not involved in the project.

For now, Mr. Quam is holding out for a better offer. "I'm playing hardball," he says.
Read it all here at the Wall Street Journal.


Anonymous said…
These Hardy Boys clowns are going to scare the gorilla away...
Anonymous said…
It's a Kia auto manufacturing plant.
Anonymous said…
That does make sense. How many have heard of the Canadian oil pipeline that is possibly going through the state.
Anonymous said…
I am more convinced that it would be a refinery. Think about it supply line coming in and out all they would need to do is reverse the flow of the pipeline going into Sioux falls. I would be really pissed if the high gas prices are part of this also. Oil companies saying that this would help lower gas prices would help with locals leting it be build in SD.
Anonymous said…
What supply line are you referring to? The Canadian oil pipeline?
Anonymous said…
The Canadian Pipline could be the supply line.

Sioux Falls also has a pipline that comes into the area that feeds the local supply. I don't know where that line is laid, but it should be relatively close "low expense". Just a theory might be interesting if I get it right.

Also the Canadian crude will need to be refined in a different way than how other crudes are refined.
Anonymous said…
How more "gorilla revealed" posts are we going to have on this blog? The last one re: a new morrells plant and this one about a coal gassification plant aren't BOTH accurate. Maybe neither is.

The only one who really knows is Joel Dykstra, and he's been too busy buying up property in the area and deciding whether to run for higher office. It's not in his own personal best interest to talk.

Nothing is revealed until it's revealed.
Anonymous said…
In Texas it seems Conoco-Phillips, NASA and a Taiwan company (that owns the rights to the process) are planning to build a coal gasification unit "up north" that turns the gas into a plasma and then into hydrogen, I think. Cleanest fuel ever, they say.

You may be the lucky village that gets this. Uses a lot of water, but is very clean.
Anonymous said…
Oh, yes, I forgot. Mr. Buffet in Omaha likes the area a lot, and his interest in Conoco and the Syncrude company make Elk Point, with its water, a choice location.

Just a guess, you see.

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