Divert intelligence to study global warming?

I really rolled my eyes when I saw this:
Instead of tasking our satellites to take a look at exactly what the proliferation capabilities are in China or North Korea, we are going to task them to look somewhere else even though that same kind of capabilities may be available from commercial imagery? Exactly what information does the intelligence community, I mean, it's our business to steal secrets, to find out what the plans and intentions are of those who want to attack the United States. This is information.

There are hundreds and probably thousands of people that are very skilled at investigating climate change, predicting what may happen in certain regions of the country and certain regions of the planet, and they are not in the intelligence community. These people have their plate full. The threats are real. We should not diminish the threats. The information is in the public. These are two missions that do not come together.

Studying climate change can be done by other government agencies. Stealing the secrets of al Qaeda and North Korea, Iran, other parts of the world, that is the job of the intelligence community. Let them focus on the job that we need them to do. Support this amendment and strike this National Intelligence Estimate.
Read it all here. So, on the amendment to require the intelligence community to analyze global warming, how do you think our congresswoman voted?

Really. Take a guess.


Anonymous said…
I don't know what to think about this. I strongly believe that studying climate change and how it effects our world is just as important as studying what's going on with al Qaeda and North Korea. But I agree with you that it's a bad idea to divert our current intelligence resources.

Are there current government agencies that are handling climate change study?
William said…
The U.S. Climate Change Science Program (CCSP), a group formed two years ago to coordinate climate change research among 13 federal agencies. I don't have details but that's where I'd start looking for further information.
Douglas said…
I doubt any actual spying resources are being diverted. We don't really know what are the actual specifications for spy satellites, but I would guess most already have systems to detect chemicals as well as radiation. The same systems used for studying Mars can be made better and heavier if put into earth orbit.

There is no sense wasting data that is collected as long as no intelligence data is compromised. Not utilizing available information would not seem to be a good conservative position. This is a way to get more bang for the buck.

The real opposition for using this information may have more to do with the fear that it confirms the global warming ideas in multiple ways.
Anonymous said…
thanks to Stephanie for stabbing our armed forces/intelligence services in the back once again!
Anonymous said…
Stephie is as cute as a kitten. Unfortunately she is also as dumb as that fragile feline. What were we thinking when we sent this piece of fluff to Washington? Why didn't we send her to Hollywood and send a real intellect to do the public's business? Having Miss Perky in Washington reflects badly on our whole state.
Anonymous said…
Herseth is a graduate of Georgetown University Law School and has held prestigious federal judicial clerkships at both the trial and appellate level.

How's your resume match up with that, mr. brainiac anon 2:54?
Deputy Dawg said…
Does this mean Al Gore invented intelligence?
Anonymous said…
She is a Dem and they are on the global warming issue more than anything. They put more attention in global warming than the dang immigration bill they want to rush through the senate!
Give me a break!
Hap hazzard they are.
To be honest i dont know how she voted for sure but,I can take a good guess....
Anonymous said…
Sorry, I can't resist say this.

Before long we will hear that Al Gore invented Mother Hood too.
opps off topic, sorry...
Anonymous said…
As for the Satellites, if they can double duty it, that could be a good thing as long as they don't interupt intel. Does anyone (not that the general public would really know), but how many sats do we have in space now?
Anonymous said…

Herseth is smart, but "prestigious federal judicial clerkships" aren't proof of that. Her name got those for her. The fact that she graduated summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Georgetown would be more indicative of intelligence than the jobs she's been handed since then.
Anonymous said…
Miss Perky is in Pelosi's pocket and will stay there. End of story.
Anonymous said…
Global warming is the democrats' latest, greatest religion. That and U.S. military defeat.
arthur said…
By supporting this diversion of intelligence resources, Congresswoman Herseth is essentially saying that global warming poses a bigger threat to America than terrorism.

Wow, how stupid is that?

The Princess needs to stop listening to Al Gore and understand there is no consensus in the scientific community that human greenhouse gas emissions are to blame for rising temperatures.

It's amusing to watch the believers of this religion, along with the scientists who depend on government research grants, as they ramp up their rhetoric to create "a sense of urgency." They're becoming more desperate because a growing number of scientists are expressing doubts about man-made global warming, and in fact, there are indications that temperatures are beginning to cool again.

Concensus is a political word. Science does not operate by consensus, and the debate is NOT over.
Anonymous said…
arthur, if you had good scientific evidence that an asteroid the size of Texas was going to hit the earth in about 20 years, how concerned would you be about the civil war in Iraq?
Anonymous said…
If an astroid is going to hit earth in about 20 years ot anytime the US Government will not tell us until they are ready to run for caves, the moon, or mars with their selected few.
It won't matter which party you are with either I doubt.
If that was to happen and the war in Irqa was still going on they would all stop and pray so it would most likely calm down at that point.
Douglas said…
Some fools are still referring to the lies the Republican Wurlitzer told about Al Gore as if he actually said them. You can be proud of what a good job the GOP propaganda machine did, but you don't really need to keep pretending Al Gore was a liar. That election is over. Bush was named the winner by the Supreme court. The tactic worked..well sort of. The fools and intentional liars never bothered to check on the actual story.

Of course, they all got to ride with the swiftboaters too.

And look what a job Bush has done bending, warping and twisting the "rules". Surprised?

Recent estimates suggest that the Bush Iraq war already costs every US family about $20,000. Hope you belivers think you got your money's worth for swallowing the lies about Gore's "lies".

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