Kebhart officially announced for Senate. No, I didn't see it anywhere either.

Brandon Bennett of the Black Hills Pioneer had an interesting job the other day. Apparently, he's one of the few people who covered "the official announcement" of Spearfish Republican Sam Kephart's challenge of Tim Johnson for one of South Dakota's seats in the US Senate. (Kephart had announced his intentions last week which got quite a bit of attention, but this is the official kickoff).
"This is like the last scene in Thelma and Louise," he said. They have their foot on the gas, nothing is said, and they drive off a cliff. That's the Congress. They just push ahead and don't ask the American people what they want."

Kephart went on to say the American people are being lied to when it comes to the war in Iraq.

"Why can't the government tell us this was about oil all along? We have 120,000 troops watching oil wells and we keep getting told this isn't about oil but democracy."


He had kind words about current South Dakota Sen. Tim Johnson, saying he is a good man, but Kephart takes issue with the senator's health problems. "He's a good senator, but he also has some serious health issues that have precluded him from serving and that's what we need right now."
Read it all here.

I'm not sure if bashing the president is going to be an effective strategy in very Republican South Dakota, where he probably still enjoys some respect. But, I will begrudgingly admit that the president's popularity is at an all time low.

That, and I'd say that taking on Tim Johnson's health issues head on is untested and risky. Will people see it as kicking a man when he's down, or will Sam find he's tapped into a vein of discontent with the incumbent?

We shall see.


Anonymous said…
As Nixon said: "Some people say I shouldn't kick a man when he's down. I say, 'What better time?'"
Anonymous said…
I can't believe that this guy continues with this fantasy. He is so out of touch with the people he intends to represent that he is running on a purely uninhibited ego trip!
Veritas said…
In no way do I support a Kebhart candidacy. That said, why must we hide from the fact that Johnson has been incapacitated by his illness? If Tim cannot perform his duties as South Dakota's Senator, he should be respectfully thanked for his service and then replaced.
Anonymous said…
It'll be fun to watch a debate with Kephart and Dykstra. Dykstra's legislative voting record is chock full of bonehead stuff that he will be hard pressed and ultimately unable to defend. Kephart will wipe the floor with him.

Voters don't pay much attention to what's going on in Pierre, but those bad votes that nobody noticed have a way of coming out in a congressional race. Ask Larry Diedrich what happened when he campaigned on eliminating the "death tax" and Stephanie pointed out that he voted NOT to eliminate the state "death tax" as a legislator. And all of those other tax increases Diedrich voted for? Check out Dykstra's record.

Kephart will make Dykstra look like the imbecile he is. Will that translate to a win against Tim Johnson or Stephanie Herseth Sandlin? I doubt it.
Anonymous said…
Sounds like you got the goods on Dykstra. So let's hear them. Chapter and verse. Bill numbers.
You make these referances to the dumb things Joel has supported but give no proof. I have seen many times Joel's ability to handle himself in very difficult situations. I have also spent a limited amount of time in conversation with Sam trying to make sense of what hw is saying. Sam is no match for Joel in a debate, or when it comes down to old fashion logic and common sense. Not to mention fundamental Republican values
Anonymous said…
Some of the votes that Herseth pointed out on Diedrich were not his votes!!!! They were the other Diedrich's votes "Elmer's".
You might want to check out why sometimes legislators vote against or for something -they have their reasons it is either good for such area or if they remove from one point and the tax needs to be there they have their reasons with out the lying gong on from the other side.
Anonymous said…
10:12, you don't ask for much do you - just a full campaign plan and full opposition research laid out in public. Are you really that silly to expect that?

Dykstra's votes and his words are catalogued on the LRC website. How do you keep a moron in suspense? I'll tell you later.

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