Movement in the right direction on the lion issue

I'd be "lion" if I told you I didn't think raising the limits was a good thing. While some are grousing about raising limits on hunting Mountain Lions, I think it's past time that we start to cull their numbers.

The Rapid City Journal has a story this morning on the topic:
At the May 11 commission meeting, the GF&P wildlife division staff recommended that this year's mountain season should have a harvest limit of 35 lions or 15 females - meaning the season would end when either 35 lions or 15 females were killed.

"In general, I'm very disappointed with their decision to nearly double the female sub-quota," said Sharon Seneczko, a Custer veterinarian who heads up the Black Hills Mountain Lion Foundation. "I don't understand the motive for that."

GF&P regional supervisor Mike Kintigh said the recommendation for the larger female limit was made after careful consideration. He said the GF&P still considers the limit "conservative."

"We have cautiously approached the lion hunting season from the very first," Kintigh said. He said the increased limit is another step toward reaching a manageable lion population.

"Our very first proposal was made knowing full well it was well under the reproduction cap of the population," he said. "The second year, we came in and edged it up a little bit. We wanted to see what the impacts were.
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Anonymous said…
I think we should kill them all. That way we're guaranteed to be safe.

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