KEVN FOX in Rapid City has big series on PACs in Rapid City races

The FOX TV station out in Rapid City had a big series of stories this week on the influence of PACs in Rapid City Elections. Unfortunately, it wasn't terribly complete:
Part 2
Click on each link to view the stories. It's not a bad series on how PAC's have affected the Rapid City, but it could be a bit more in depth. For instance, it has extensive information on Doug Hamilton, but literally nothing on a much bigger donor, Stan Adelstein. It mentions him, but barely.

It talks about how Sam Kooiker (yes, Sam is an advertiser here) cut ties with Hamilton at the same time that Mayor Shaw maintains them. It goes into the Shaw/Hamilton/Schumacher controversy in part 2, but utterly ignored the fact that the terms of the goofy contract were impossible at the time it was written; where the contract was for more hours of work than remained in the election. And the fact that nobody ever files such things with the Secretary of State. (Such wonderful journalism....)

And it has extensive interviews from former Tim Johnson opponent Don Frankenfeld.

Enough chatter from me. Go check it out at KEVN, and judge for yourself.


Anonymous said…
Bottom line, money talks bs walks.
Anonymous said…
In looking at clip 2, Schumacher doesn't look terribly healthy.
Anonymous said…
PP - We all know you want to believe Sam, but the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. For Sam's story to be true, this involves a year-and-a-half conspiracy against him. Sam is known for his black helicopter talk, this is just one instance where he is just trying to cover his butt.
Anonymous said…
PP - I give you credit for posting this story as it damages someone you support, but in the future, let us come to our own conclusion without all the spin.

Kookier looked like a deer caught in highlights.

He said that he didn't know anything. He's either not real smart or he's not telling the truth, either way, I not sure he should he is mayor material.
Anonymous said…
anon 11:12 and 12:50 sound bitter and mean spirited.
Anonymous said…
OOOOOOOOOoo yyyyyaaaaaaaa lets conclude Kooiker is lying and Hamilton and Schumacher are believable, hahaha.

Who publicly cut all ties with the real hoodlums ? Kooiker.

To conclude Sam is Lying you have to believe Schumacher waited till after November to be paid for a June election ? OOOOOOOOOO yyyyyaaaa

maybe we need an IQ test prior to posting, kinda like a drug test.
Anonymous said…
7:45 PM. Why would you say Schumacher waited until after November to be paid? This report was an amendment to a report filed prior to the November elections, so your post goes up in smoke right there. Also, publicly cutting ties with someone who has privately cut ties with you is exactly what Kooiker is all about. Work things for maximum publicity, rather than handling things behind the scenes. I personally don't believe that Schumacher or Hamilton are seeking any sort of tie to Kooiker, so his public proclamation is pointless, but people like yourself lap it up the thirsty dogs you are. Go back and talk about Amendment D, that's when you at least sounded knowledgeable.
Anonymous said…
yep I was right,,IQ TEST

why not send in schumachers bank statements from the last year, show us when 7700 dollars was deposited, you sent in a phony contract with your report.
Anonymous said…
So now that your first post was debunked (i.e. the payments being made after November) you move right on to your next pathetic attempt to shield Kooiker from any accountability. You know the deal was in place for Kooiker's campaign, but you are just working to help Kooiker, so you won't be straightforward. It is sad to see how far you have fallen.

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