There could be a song in this.

KELO is reporting this AM that a former inmate is suing the state over it's tobacco tax:
Gary Knecht is mad as heck, and he's not going to take it anymore.

Knecht, who shot a man to death several years ago in Martin but is out on parole, has filed a lawsuit against the state in an effort to repeal the one-dollar-a-pack tax increase on cigarettes.
Read it all here. That whole scenario sounds like the makings of a great Johnny Cash-eque country song.
He shot a man in Martin, just to see him die.
Now he's taking on Revenue, Because his taxes are too high.
He's just out of Sioux Falls Prison, and he's really mad.
'Cause he can't afford his smokes. And isn't that too bad....
Okay. I promise I'll stick to Blogging.


nicholas Nemec said…
Oh I don't know that isn't to bad.
nonnie said…
He needs to do himself a favor and quit smoking if he can't afford the tax. Who's paying his legal fees, I wonder? A suit isn't free.
Anonymous said…

Nonnie, he is obviously addicted. Not too long ago, the courts found that "big tobacco" was to be held responsible for getting people hooked on their products by adding nicotine and other addictive agents. Now the tobacco companies are paying the states billions and billions of settlement dollars. If it was as easy as him just "crushing out" his habit, the settlement between the tobacco companies and the states would be grounded in a false premise that quitting smoking is next-to-impossible.

Nonnie, most of the time you make a lot of sense on this blog. Even in your 10:36 comment, your second and third sentences made sense. I'm willing to overlook your lapse in judgment in typing your first sentence if you don't spend the rest of the day trying to justify your initial statement.
Ralph said…
pp - I see you still haven't figured out the possessive form of "its" does NOT contain an apostrophe.
nicholas Nemec said…
Do they even allow smoking in SD prisons? I know it isn't allowed in the women's prison in Pierre. It seems he should have been able to kick his habit while he was locked up.
Anonymous said…
It is a bad & unfair tax! ALso consider this the money gathered is being used for education not anti-smiking and since some people are quiting there will be less money for education and other "social" programs. They really don't want people to quit they just had a way to increase a tax that most of the younger crowd would go for and yes some of the older crowd!
Booze next, The sin tax cop out is getting crazy and over used as an excuse for higher taxes.
You do know that every level of government gets a cut from tobacco, oil for gas, etc. think about the taxes across the board for a little bit.
Also somewhere i read the Dreds are looking ar rasing the gas tax now that will go up once again for all of us. Yes, the gas tax is how we get our roads and repair work done but look beyond SD and ask the feds to stop!
I am not sure if this even makes sense but just think about it.
Anonymous said…
Okay so i can't spell forgive me please. I don't spell check or proof either. But I think most of you will get my drift.
Anonymous said…
try cleaning your keyboard!!!
Anonymous said…
7:51 & :52, if you were going to look back at your post & proof it anyway, you could've done it prior to clicking the post button. I appreciate your point of view in :51 & the levity in :52, though.
nonnie said…
anon 10:53. I won't spend the rest of the day justifying my statement. The simple fact is that many, many people kick the habit of smoking every day. I know it isn't easy. But it is possible. There are newer ways to help, Chantix being one of the newest.

I will repeat my statement as it does make sense. If you can't afford the tax, do yourself a favor and quit. You will feel better, your health will improve, and you might live longer. You and your clothes will certainly smell better. And you will certainly have a lot more money to spend on more enjoyable and worthwhile pursuits. It might be hard, but it would be a choice you would not regret, and it is possible.
Anonymous said…
Actually, quitting smoking isn't hard. You just have to stop. If you can't, you don't really want to. The folks selling nicorette want you to think it is hard.

What is a real shame is that Gary Knecht is out of prison.

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