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Maybe I should have had the beef....

I had lunch today at the China Buffet in Pierre with our State Auditor, the Honorable Richard L. Sattgast. (I don't call him that, but then again, I've been friends with him since 1988 when we were legislative interns together.) We were also joined by Senator Brock Greenfield of Clark, South Dakota. Brock has been in the limelight lately as the dinosaur-bill killer (and soon to be slayer of the fry bread-bill).

The occasion? We were meeting with our long time friend Lance Russell, the states attorney for Fall River County. One of the toughest prosecutors around, and in my mind, a future republican attorney general. Lance is the legal affairs person for a coalition of grassland interests, and was in town to lobby in favor of legislation on Prairie Dog Buffer Zones.

For lack of knowledge, I'm not big on the subject personally. But I can understand and appreciate landowners and renters not wanting the fields they graze their livestock in to look like the surface of the moon.

As …