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Don't tell anyone where you got it, but I heard...

I have a love/hate relationship with this blog thing.
I’m a terrible political junkie. I eat it all up with a spoon. I read this stuff vociferously, and I make sure my less technologically adept friends are “in the know” with the latest gossip that comes across on the weblogs. I also have people blabbing their heads off to me on stuff – some of it I wish I could plain un-hear.(No! I want plausible deniability on this! I’m not listening…. La la la!Imagine me with ears covered).
In other words, I want to know. I have to know.So I read the weblogs. But as you read much of the things on them, you have to consider, how much is legitimate discourse, and how much is baiting the hook for a rumor campaign (Okay, I'm going to segue into lecture here).
Rumor campaigns have been used to effect in South Dakota in the past. Sometimes the information is legitimate, but mostly it’s pure garbage.
The most historical example that has been related to me is a story that during the Kneip/FarrarGubernatori…

Oh crap. Someone actually read this.

I actually had a comment on this thing tonight. After ignoring it for... oh about 3-4 months, Someone actually posted something to it. Which obligates me to the readership of one.

What's happened since I last posted? We lost the ballot referral. By a whole whopping 27 votes.

When I got into it, I told the other two people heading it up "If we want to win, I need $3000 to run this thing on." A gasp went up as in "$3000 - that's unheard of". Well, no it isn't, but I had that pegged. Those fundraising raised about $700 cash, and about $1200 in in-kind contributions. And we lost by 27 votes.

Kinda vindicates my thinking. The other side outspent us at least by about 3-1. And we fought them to 27 votes away from victory. If I could have had another $1000, I think we could have won it by 75-100 votes.

Dammit! Why doesn't anyone listen? They must think I pull these figures out of my tail.

Similar situation a year back. A friend was running for School Boar…