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I am one of the noticeable ones. At least on J.A.I.L.

Apparently, I am one of the noticeable ones (With apologies to Missing Persons). Along with A Progressive on the Prairie, we merited a national mention regarding the South Dakota Judicial Accountability Initiative, otherwise known as Amendment "E." And that's E as in "Eerie," "Evil" and "Egads!"

Eyes on Justice, a watchdog group that seeks to protect the judiciary as an equal part of our three-ring goverment linked to both of us in an article about JAIL-4-Judges possibly coming apart at the seams:
JAIL 4 Judges Movement Coming Apart at the Seams?
An initiative certified for the November ballot in South Dakota has attracted considerable attention for its proposals to hold judges “accountable” by stripping judicial immunity. The movement was hatched far away – the amendment’s author, Ronald Branson, has attempted to get a similar measure on the California initiative ballot but found the signature threshold …

What can we say about the races coming this year?

I did a little analysis of the politicl race lineup so far this year. Granted, it may change and there may be a few more candidates coming out of the woodwork. But for all the Democrats bluster, there are still quite a few gaps to be filled. Check out the Senate races filed so far:

DistrictChamberPartyName1SenateDemocraticHanson, Gary D.2SenateDemocraticHundstad, Jim 3SenateRepublicanLatterell, Isaac 3SenateRepublicanSutton, Duane Ormun4SenateDemocraticPeterson, Jim 4SenateRepublicanDiedrich, Larry 5SenateDemocraticTurbak, Nancy J.5SenateRepublicanArnold, Dennis 5SenateRepublicanKonold, Claire B.6SenateRepublicanGreenfield, Brock L.6SenateRepublicanHolbeck, James 7SenateDemocraticWidvey, Harold 7SenateRepublicanSmidt, Orville B.8SenateDemocraticSutton, Dan 8SenateRepublicanToates, John 9SenateDemocratic

To complete your training you must face your father. You must defeat Darth Vader.
- Yoda, from Return of the Jedi.

Here's a twist no one saw coming. Isaac Latterell, who finished his collegiate career by serving as a Republican Legislative Intern in the Senate this year just filed his petitions to challenge one of the GOP Senators. He's going to be taking on Senator Duane Sutton in a showdown for the Senate seat in District 3.

Stay tuned - the filing deadline is next week, and dance cards will be set.

Are they next to the "Pet Cobra" display?

From Deadly Pet in the House
It wasn't until Meghan Steever and boyfriend Zach Irwin watched a nature show on poisonous animals, that they realized one of the deadly salamanders, was sitting in their fish tank. "We were just recently playing with it and we freaked out...and found out they were very deadly," explains Meghan. The California Newt Meghan brought home from PetCo in Sioux Falls was a gift for her 18-month-old son, Lance. "We had it running around on his tummy to see, to get him to play with it. He just swatted it away thank God, he didn't actually like it and try playing with it, kiss it or something. Cause he could have died and we probably never would have found out what happened to him," says Meghan. California Newts are among the most toxic salamanders. They have poisonous glands beneath their skin. If ingested, they could be deadly. "It causes paralysis or respiratory paralysis so they can't breathe and it can be quite toxi…