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11:30 update - we're at the slow part of the program.

The gentleman from RNC is showing a powerpoint presentation at the moment, so this is a good time to do some blogging.

All of the speeches went well, no surprises or challenges, and each of them were presented with a check for the first $5000 that the GOP will be putting into the campaign. Pictured above is Rich Sattgast giving his acceptance speech (Rich - you were supposed to give the SDWC props)

I've got to cut this extra short as my kids are getting antsy.

10 AM Convention update - Clearly, I was outdone.

I found out last night that despite my best efforts at shameless self promotion through my SDWC t-shirts, one of the candidates outdid me. Yes, I was out promoted.

Dan Lederman from Union County had asked if I minded if he made a few t-shirts also promoting the SDWC. Of course, I said "absolutely. Please go ahead." And he came up with the WWPPD shirt styled after the What Would Jesus Drive... er, Do... bracelets and shirts.

As you can see from State Senator Lee Schoenbeck who is wearing this up on the head table this morning, they're great. They're absolutely hilarious.

Suprisingly to me, there are a lot of people around who get the joke. (Okay, MP, NOW will you believe there are more that 13 people who read this?)

As mentioned, Tim Rounds apparently withdrew his candidacy this morning at the Constitutional Candidate breakfast this AM. One of the constitutional officers said it was a really good speech. I, on the other hand, was at econofoods buying bananas and donut…

BREAKING NEWS - Tim Rounds drops out of PUC Race

Just got the news moments ago. Tim Rounds dropped out of the PUC race just this morning. I'll wait and see if there are any more changes, but with this announcement, it looks like the vote for Koskan is just a formality.

What's happening on the other side of the street?

I had a late night last evening, so I'm going to phone it in for a while. And what better way to do so than to cite someone else's article. The Rapid City Journal has news on the action from the Democrats this morning in an article by Joe Kafka of the Associated Press:
Democratic delegates picked telecommunications technician Steve Kolbeck of Brandon for the slot. Kolbeck said his hands-on experience in that field makes him uniquely qualified.

Kolbeck defeated state House Democratic Leader Dale Hargens of Miller, former state Sen. Mark Rogen of Garretson and state Rep. Paul Valandra of Mission for the PUC nomination.

Kolbeck said his 12 years of experience working in the telephone and Internet service industries would help him regulate utilities. And he pledged to work hard to gain a Democratic presence on the PUC, now controlled by three Republicans.

“I’m ready to beat the pavement and raise the money,” Kolbeck said.

Mike Wilson, a former legislator from Rapid City who is Kolbeck’…


Hey, big props to blogger Quentin Riggins who is up at convention. I ran into him in the parking lot. Iraq War Vet and bronze star recipient Joel Arends is also running around here as well.

And does the Argus coverage of convention(or lack thereof) suck, or what? KELO isn't much better at this point, either.

7pm update – I should call this attending the convention on less than $100 a day.

Good lord is it hot in the swimming pool area. I’m a bad delegate again, skipping the dinner. My excuse is a little better this time. My entire family is now here, and it’s not like I can troop 6 kids into the big banquet. Perkins was bad enough. I felt so bad about the mess my terrible troop made I left better than a 20% tip.

So, I’m letting them blow off some steam in the pool area while everyone attends the $40 a head banquet. There’s a casino night after the banquet starting about 9pm, and I might slip in there once I get the kids to settle in for the night and watch a movie.

Getting back to the delegate nominations, Representative Deb Peters gave the nominating speech for Tim Rounds, and I think I heard that Dana Randall’s wife gave one of the seconding speeches, and I think one of the delegates who had already given one gave the other. I’ll have to confirm all of this as everyone comes back to the hospitality rooms.

I saw a sign noting that Jarrod Johnson is raffling off a bunch of…

Quotes heard around convention

“The Republican Party may be a big tent. But that tent doesn’t have a mainstream running through it.”
- Former Rep Dan Mathews, Mitchell.

“…I read that damn blog and it already had Hackl’s and Rounds’ name on it”
- A certain high ranked GOP Party official who will remain unnamed. (heh. I’m all hearing you know)

3pm update - How did we manage to slide through the platform unscathed? Nominations are proceeding.

We managed to get through the rest of the resolutions and the platform planks in short order, and as I write this, my wife is on the way up here with the kids, and the nomination speeches are rolling along. Here's a rundown of who is making the nomination speeches for the candidates to this point:

Lt. Governor -
One of the Lt. Gov's daughters nominated the Lt. Gov, with seconding speeches by Arne Brown, and Eric Bogue

Secretary of State -
Former House Majority Leader Bill Peterson nominated Chris Nelson, with seconding speeches by Ryan Brunner and Marlene Hargraves

Attorney General -
Jim Seward nominated Larry Long, with a second by Claire Konold

Auditor -
Al Koistenen Nominated, Bill Trent and Cindy Flakoll Seconded.

Treasurer -
Greg Dean Nominated, Rosie Harrington and Nicole (something or another, I'll find out) seconded.

School and Lands -
Dusty Johnson nominated Jarrod Johnson, with seconds by Dana Randall, and Judy Dryzinka

PUC is currently being nominated at the moment, with Eli…

1pm update - The Power Lunch, and wait for a second

I suppose I'm a bad delegate. I skipped the official luncheon today. I had a few things to do like check into the hotel, so I bagged it.

After I got my chores done, I did run into a crew who were in the midst of other things, and we all agreed to go to lunch together. Along with Representative Tom Hackl, Rapid City Councilman Sam Kooiker, Isaac Latterell, and State Senator Borck Greenfield, we made our way across the highway to "Woody's," a little sports bar. It's pretty inconspicuous, but wow, it has my vote of confidence.

#1, the food was good. And #2, the food was cheap. Always pluses in my book.

It was interesting sitting down to lunch with two of this election's giant killers, Isaac and Sam. According to conventional wisdom, neither one were given much chance to win. Sam was outspent by one of the most wellknown politicians in Rapid City, and Isaac was dismissed as an overambitious youngster.

But both of them overcame incredible odds by plain old-fashioned h…

11 am update - we're off and running as the convention convenes

We're in the middle of resolutions at the moment, so I'm taking a break from the activity to type an update. As you see below, Representative Casey Murschel is chatting with Angi Nielsen from the State GOP as Casey mans the South Dakotans for Healthy Families booth. As I mentioned, they've got about 5 tables full of promotional stuff, and Representative Murschel is stationed directly across from Senator Greenfield at the South Dakota Right to Life Booth.

Here's a photo of Amanda Dodson and crew as they man the registration booth while the delegates register in a fast and furious manner, and get their bags of convention swag. (Report on the swag later).

Once conventiongot going, Mary Jean Jensen gave a rousing report for her position as National Committeewoman, speaking about the good that South Dakota Republicans do, and the potential of the next national convention to be in Minneapolis (I'd love to go back to NYC myself, personally).

She also took special note of how…

9am update. I'm here. yay. (Now when is stuff supposed to happen?)

I got my fanny up here in a hurry because I wasnted to make sure I was in the thick of things for the hustle and bustle of convention. And it looks like I get to hurry up and wait as I sit here in the space reserved for the Brookings County delegation.

How did we end up in the back? Actually, that makes my life so much easier with the kids and all. I'll have to file my request to remain in this spot.

Saw the Governor and his entourage as I walked in with the big bag of t-shirts for Rich Sattgast. Also chatted in passing with the Attorney General who had already been out running this morning. There's a ton of other people here already. "Wild Bill" Trent is here, and I'm told he's doing the seconding speech for Rich, and delegates are streaming in left and right.

I didn't get a chance to say "Hi" yet, but I also noted Elli Schwiesow, Joel Dykstra, and Monae from the Secretary of State's office.

I did have an opportunity to speak briefly with Jarro…

If there was one issue that could overtake abortion in this year's elections, this is it. Schools sue State.

As reported in the Rapid City Journal, a coalition of schools have now sued the state of South Dakota for more funding:
About a third of South Dakota’s school districts filed a lawsuit Thursday that seeks to force the state to provide substantially more financial aid to public school districts. The lawsuit, filed in circuit court in Pierre, argues that the current state funding system violates a constitutional provision that guarantees all children access to a free, adequate and quality public education. The constitution also requires the Legislature to use suitable means to provide that public education, the suit says.

The 81-page lawsuit seeks a court order declaring the current funding system to be unconstitutional and requiring the state to provide sufficient funding for schools.

“The failure of the South Dakota Legislature to use all suitable means to adequately fund public education has wreaked havoc upon the ability of South Dakota school districts to provide, and the opportun…

You read it here first - Tim Rounds in the hunt for PUC

As I reported here last night, the Argus Leader confirmed this morning that Representative Tim Rounds is in the hunt for the Public Utilities Commission:
Representative Tim Rounds, R-Pierre, told Republican delegates in Watertown on Thursday night that he plans to run for the party's nomination for Public Utilities Commission.

Rounds, brother of Gov. Mike Rounds, made his intentions known to Randy Frederick, state party chairman.

"He's in the hunt," Frederick said. "He says he's definitely serious about it, and he's been talking to people here telling them his intentions. He also has people helping him at the convention."And, it appears that Krebs, Dykstra and most everyone else except Koskan is out. So, there's going to be a head to head battle between Koskan and Rounds.

Ugh, another tough trip to Brookings

I just rolled in to Brookings, and I'm going to take it easy tonight, my exhaustion the product of working and blogging until 1:30am every night this week. In the interim, here's a little update on convention happenings.

The PUC race roster is still evolving. I forgot Joel Dykstra, who I ran into in Pierre the other day at LaMinestra with Bob Faehn as I dined with a couple of elected officials. The other is Tim Rounds who was also lightly contemplating the race. It's a wide open field, so it's sure to draw lots of interest. Here's the tale of the tape as it currently sits:
John Koskan
Shantel Krebs
Jeff Partridge
Tom Hackl
Joel Dykstra
Tim RoundsThere's also rumor of Tom Bixler, whose overtures towards the Congressional race this year started off with a flurry but fell flat, considering a run for a constitutional office. However, he'd have to prove he'd be serious about this race after his previous efforts went nowhere to be considered.

I also heard a little ab…

A plethora of PUC Candidates

Between what the Argus is reporting this morning, and what I heard last night, here's the latest of the field of PUC candidates looking/potentially looking at the office:
John Koskan
Shantel Krebs
Jeff Partridge
Tom Hackl

and Others...Who is not running? Deb Peters. Me (unless I can lose 50 pounds tonight).

Watch for this to continue to be fluid. I'll try to have an update later.

Just like Dracula in the old horror movies, Volesky tries to rise from the political grave

Dave Kranz is reporting in today's Argus Leader that Ron Volesky is attempting to rise from the political grave once again:
Ron Volesky, a Huron lawyer and former state legislator, has told Jack Billion, Democratic nominee for governor, that he is interested in the party nomination for attorney general, if the convention wishes.

"I'm not pushing myself on the convention, but I am interested. I think it is a winnable race," Volesky said.I had heard about this a couple of days ago from a Democrat attending convention. Their thoughts on this matter? "No! Don't encourage him."

So much for others pushing him.

Last post for the night - a late night report from convention

I just spoke with a couple people who are already at convention. It's getting pretty stirred up even tonight.

The word is that Deb Peters is OUT of the Public Utilities Commission race, and has delivered a letter to the State GOP to that effect. However, the word is that the field is expanding, with Shantel Krebs and Tom Hackl making inquiries.

I made an inquiry too, but I haven't been able to lose 50 pounds this week, so I've got to forego it. That, and the thousands of dollars it takes to run a race. But thanks and big props to "E" who phoned me and told me I'd have two votes out of Minnehaha if I pulled the trigger.

Word is that this field is still shifting, with at least one more who is semi-looking at it in addition to John Koskan. (And yes, it will be a virtual gaggle of hospitality suites).

Speaking of a gaggle, I'll give you a peek at a couple of the shirts I was working on tonight for convention.

Obviously, one of them isn't for me. The one I wor…

With so much Stan in the news, just a final thought

On another Stan related topic, I'm noticing two statements in two days in the Rapid City Journal from Senator Adelstein. Those reporters just can't leave him alone. Maybe I missed it, but I have yet to notice the news story where the Senator has discussed the election and wished the opponent who beat him good luck. (Time to get on my soapbox)

Somehow I missed the article where he says "Good show. Good race. Now good luck Elli! God speed in your Senate race for November!"

If someone might point out the article where he finally exhibited good sportsmanlike conduct for me, I'd really appreciate it.

In the Mainstream coalition mailing that went out May 5th to people across the state, there's a paragraph in it that describes the organization that Stan and his checkbook founded:
"We are a bipartisan group of of business, political, religious and community leaders who are working to promote civility and reason in discourse about important issues that affect us all.…

Stan's Golden Parachute

Don't feel too bad for State Senator Stan Adelstein's loss in the State Senate. Because Senator Stan has not left the building yet. Aside from being courted as a potential Democratic Candidate for Lt. Governor, the Rapid City Journal is reporting that he's a wanted man.

Well, at least he has some land that's wanted. Senator Adelstein is apparently in negotiation with the Department of Game, Fish and Parks to sell some land for a new GFP facility. That is, if State Law will allow him to do so:
South Dakota Game, Fish & Parks Department officials are waiting for an opinion from Attorney General Larry Long on whether they can begin negotiating with state Sen. Stan Adelstein to buy land for an outdoor learning center in Rapid City. Adelstein's property covers 30 to 40 acres west of S.D. Highway 79 across from the Hills Materials quarry in northwest Rapid City. GF&P Secretary John Cooper said Monday that the land would be an ideal location for the outdoor-lear…

Democrats look at wooing another Mainstream Republican

The Democrats love the Mainstream Coalition founders so much, the Rapid City Journal tonight has an article about how Jack Billion considered taking on Stan Adelstein, a founding member of the group, as his running mate:
State Sen. Stan Adelstein of Rapid City was among a small group of Republicans that gubernatorial candidate Jack Billion considered as his running mate before choosing fellow Democrat Eric Abrahamson. "I visited with Stan. We had some discussions," Billion said Thursday, declining to offer details.

Billion said he ended discussions with the Republicans when he learned that they would be required by state law to switch parties to run on the Democratic ticket.

"We stopped talking when we found that out," he said.

Adelstein confirmed Thursday afternoon that Billion had contacted him about the lieutenant governor's spot.

"I guess Jack Billion knows a good man when he wants to talk to one," Adelstein said. "It was flattering to have a cha…

Public Utilities Pandemonium

A formerly solid seat opens up and the candidates start coming out of the woodwork.

With Commissioner Bob Sahr having withdrawn from the race, the field of candidates seems to expanding like a colony of bacteria - doubling every day.

On the Republican Side, State Senator John Koskan is the early bird who has gotten his name out there, but State Representative Deb Peters is nipping at his heels. I've also heard that there's yet another State Representative on the Republican side who is starting to conduct a fishing expedition inquiring about the office, and I'm sure there will be more to come.

On the Democrat side, The Argus Leader is reporting that former State Representative Mark Rogen is going to give it a shot now that the seat is open, despite the fact that Steve Kolbeck had been out there for months now gearing up for a campaign. It will be interesting to see if Dems pick the Johnny-come-lately or the one who was ready for the long haul of a protracted campaign.

And I'…

Is it the smell of conventions in the air? My traffic is going trough the roof.

With just shy of 950 visitors today (that's visitors, not hits) I'm already at 11,000 visitors for June. My record of 12,000 visitors in a month is going to go down hard at the rate people are reading this little hole in the blogosphere.

Thanks for your patronage.

Duane Sutton was really going to do it. NV Beacon breaks a story of a once shining Republican who has now lost his lustre

"The man who pauses on the paths of treason, Halts on a quicksand, the first step engulfs him."
Henry V (act I, sc. 1)Today, Dave Newquist offers up an excellent true story of regret and treason. This tidbit was originally noted by Dave Kranz, but Dave N. provided the meat and 'taters of the story of State Senator Duane Sutton's fall from grace, and vain attempt to reclaim personal electoral glory by changing sides in the middle of battle:
Duane Sutton called up the head of the Brown County Democrats and inquired about switching parties and running as a Democrat. This would require one of the candidates running for the legislature this fall to withdraw, and a reorganized ballot to be submittted to the Secretary of State by the county executive committee by the last Tuesday in August.

Sutton's inquiry sent pro-choice people from both parties to buzzing like crazy. Many assumed his Democratic candidacy was a done deal, and were already celebrating his defection. He …

BREAKING NEWS - Missed the Lt. Choice by a Mile. But now that it's out, it's less shock and more Yawwwn.

I guess the latest Democratic Lt. Choice Rumor was off by a mile. Clearly is wasn't a female Republican from Central South Dakota. The Rapid City Journal Print edition is reporting this morning that Rapid City resident Eric Abrahamson has been selected as Billion's running mate.

My dad read that to me out of the Rapid City Newspaper as I was walking down the hall, out of the shower. And my initial reaction was "who?" As I shook off the vestiges of sleep, I dimly remembered that this gentleman is on the State Library board and complained when there was an internet link taken off of the State Library website which passed the user on to material that many found objectionable.

Yes, apparently he began his rose to notoriety by thinking the state has no business questioning whether the state should link to such timeless questions on human sexuality as :
I have read about men and women having sex with animals, e.g., dogs. Apart from it being against the law (I think), are the…

At least someone had a little restraint.

Unlike the Argus, the Rapid City Journal is noting on Mt. Blogmore tonight that they had heard the Sahr story but preferred to have facts as opposed to allegations when they chose to write on the topic:
You’ll find some of the story on the Journal website tonight, and in the “print product” tomorrow morning. But it only says that Sahr, the chairman of the state Public Utilities Commission, had announced Tuesday that he would not seek reelection this fall.Sahr also said his announcement was prompted by rumors that he would prove to be untrue over time. We’ve heard a lot off the record from a variety of sources about what these rumors may involve. But we haven’t heard anything on the record, beyond official no comments. And until we get a lot more than that, we hesitate to fire the rumor mill.Read it here.

Did he choose wisely? More speculation on the Dem's Lt. Choice

I was talking to Senator Brock Greenfield tonight, and in the discussion, it was noted that the latest rumor is that the Billion choice for Lt. Governor will be a Republican Woman from Central South Dakota.

I'd been racking my brain on this one for a good part of the day. I was completely stumped. One of the Mainstream Republicans? There's one or two who would fit this description. Someone from over by Miller or Huron....? It was a toughie. As I related this to Senator Greenfield, he had a pretty good guess. One that completely blew my choices out of the water.

Who was the first on his list to match that description? Former State Senator Patty deHueck.

Whoa. If our guess based on the latest rumor holds true, it would be a shocker to many Republicans, as promised by the Billion camp. But, it might not be a huge surprise. Patty (my former next door neighbor) was definitely not one to make overtures to please the administration.

6 years of service, 4 of them in the Senate, she serve…

The Argus got their wish. Bob Sahr has pulled out of the race.

Per this afternoon:
State Public Utilities Commission Chairman Bob Sahr, saying that while recent rumors against him are untrue but that they make it difficult to be a candidate for public office, has announced that he will not seek the Republican nomination for the P-U-C this weekend.

In recent days, there have been rumors of unknown allegations swirling around Sahr. No one has publicly come forward to talk about the rumors and the Attorney General's office will not say if there is an investigation.

In a statement released today (Tuesday), Sahr said the "numerous rumors in form of personal attacks" have been painful for his family.

In the statement, Sahr said, -- "The rumors are untrue. I look forward to the legal opportunity to prove that these rumors are untrue, but it would be very difficult to be a candidate for public office while doing so."

Sahr says he wants to give the Republican Party a chance to pick another candidate. Delegates to the state G-…

When reporters rule in the land of confusion

Dave Kranz reports in his column today on the confusion surrounding Public Utilities Commissioner Bob Sahr's re-election. Problem is, he's the one who created it:
They all identified themselves. Most were Republicans. Some were wondering what was going on. Others offered the version they heard. Some presented "absolute facts" about what was going on with Sahr. Yet no one really seemed to know for sure, and it quickly became difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Common was the belief that Sahr would not run for renomination at this week's Republican convention in Watertown. Others speculated that his resignation from the PUC was imminent.
Even though there were differing ideas about what supposedly brought Sahr to this situation, Sahr continues to dig in and stay in the race, even with news of a possible investigation.
About what is uncertain?

Sahr supporters immediately charged he was the target of an unfair blindside attack, subject of opportunism by peop…

Pot, meet Kettle

Here's a howler of a quote from Judy Olson, chairman of the South Dakota Democratic Party as noted on the Pennington County Democratic Party Website:
From the moment Dean decided to seek the presidency he was the candid spokesperson who dared to say what others dared NOT to say. Frankly, I believe his candor was frightening to the cautious Democrats who sometimes are inclined to semi-agree with Republican tenets and who seem to be almost apologetic about being liberal.So, was country club Democrat Judy Olson including herself as one of those "frightened Democrats who sometimes are inclined to semi-agree with Republican tenets?" (I might have to go dig up the voting records to prove my point.)

I believe this quote is from last year, but read it all here for its humor.

Well, thank God for the SDGO, otherwise we would have lost all those elections.

If you were ever wondering what color the sky was in bizarro-world, you can catch a glimpse over at the website for the South Dakota Gun Owners organization. You know, the group that got their butts chewed in committee for their harassment of lawmakers a few years back.

Today, in addition to taking credit for the sun's rising and the air we breathe, they're trying to assert credit for the primary elections. From
In the weeks leading up to the election, the SDGO staff and volunteers worked overtime to give gun owners in Duniphan’s Rapid City district the information they needed to hold her accountable. SDGO sent thousands of mail pieces and made hundreds upon hundreds of phone calls to expose her long-standing anti-gun record.

Thanks in no small part to SDGO’s accountability campaign, Duniphan was soundly defeated 61 percent to 39 percent by pro-gun candidate Dennis Schmidt.

SDGO also handed notorious anti-gun Senator Gene Abdallah the toughest race he’s ever faced. Sen. …

Just in case anyone thought the Rapid City Journal was being too conservative lately, a little religious/Republican bashing from Sam Hurst

In Sunday's Rapid City Journal, Columnist Sam Hurst showed his versatility by managing to insult newly elected District 32 Republican Senate Candidate Elli Schwiesow and all Republicans at the same time he bashes Evangelical Christians:
The problem for Evangelical Republicans is that their program is so absolute, so rigidly intolerant, that they have no way to move to the center without moving away from God, and their God isn't some namby-pamby, "Sermon on the Mount" liberal ... some mushy, "love-thy-neighbor" God. Theirs is a vengeful God, and he's coming after us sinners ... hardly a message designed to attract the middle.

Imagine Elli Schwiesow at a candidate's forum in the upcoming months. Question from the audience: "Elli. Do you believe that the Bible is the word of God?" "Well, yes."

"Then you believe that we should follow the command of God in Leviticus 20:13 and kill all homosexuals? I mean, it's a direct quote fro…

Yes, I'd like to order a "D"LT.

We should be hearing who Jack Billion is going to pick as his Lt. Governor choice pretty soon. Of course, in addition to other topics, the rumor mill is in full force on this one. And admittedly, it's a bit of fun speculation. Who will he pick?

Those in the know tell the rest of us it's going to shock us. I don't know. It's pretty hard to shock me, jaded as I am. It would have to be one to come out of left field - way out of left field - and I'm not sure that person exists.

So, as I eat a PBJ for dinner, I think to myself, "what type of person might they pick who many would consider a shocker?"
1. The Cross-over candidate - The Dems are reveling in having a couple of former R's (Heidepreim and Cradduck) running as D's this year. So, why not go for the whole enchilada and give the Lt. selection to a Republican? With a string of moderate Republicans who just took it in the shorts in the primary election, it's not outside of reason that they'd t…

Bring on the Libertarians

It's been quiet on the third party arena, but the Libertarians have finally filed who their candidates are going to be for some of the major offices. So, without further ado, Bring on the Libertarians:
GovernorMr. Tom GerberSturgis Lt. GovernorMrs. Bette Rose RyanSioux FallsAttorney GeneralMr. Randy RistesundSioux FallsSchool and Public Lands CommissionerMr. Jade AgerSpearfishPublic Utilities CommissionerMr. Ben SutterRapid City
In doing a little research about them, I'm not really finding much of anything. I'll keep looking, but I'm sure we'll hear more of their background as the campaign rolls on.

Time for "More" on the events of the day.

I had promised in a post issued this morning that I would be writing more on the series of stories that the Sioux Falls Argus Leader has posted this weekend (But not on their web site) regarding whether Public Utilities Commissioner Bob Sahr was running again or not.

It's an odd situation where anonymous letters went out to members of the media, and at least one has chosen to act on it. I had termed it "yellow journalism" in the prior post, and I did have someone who disagreed with me. Their point was as follows:
PP, did we read the same articles? I didn't notice any "yellow journalism". Just a legitimate news story fueled by your very own Republicans - John Koskan, Deb Peters, Gary Hanson.

Don't you think it's news when a simple re-election bid draws interest and speculation from other prospects? You sure did a couple of weeks ago in the primaries!So, I gave it some contemplation. And even some research. According to wikipedia, yellow journalism is de…

Happy Father's Day. More to come soon.

Unusually, there was a cosmic convergance, and I got a good night's sleep. No kids waking up in the middle of the night, the thermostat was set correctly, etc. I woke up feeling refreshed and my wife was making breakfast (a duty which I ususally undertake on the weekend to allow her a break). I even had a card, a couple of shirts and a belt as a fathers' day gift.

With such a wonderful Sunday morning, politics should be the last thing on my mind. But it's not. About ten-o-clock, I heard about the article in Yesterday's Argus. And I saw this morning's matching attempt at yellow journalism against Bob Sahr.

Admittedly, I didn't see yesterday's Argus Leader, but I heard about it at about 10pm last night. And then I saw the Sunday paper this morning. Reputations are being tarnished without the bother of waiting for any evidence of wrongdoing. Clearly, there are people who are deserving of a verbal spanking in all of this.

I'm going to get through my day, go ba…