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The Proposed GOP bylaw changes in Black and White

Admittedly, I'm probably editorializing too much. So, as we count down the days until the next Republican Central Committee Meeting on September 10th, 1pm at the Crossroads Hotel in Huron, here's some light reading. Or at least it's the part of the discussion that has me energized to try to save the grassroots of the party. (Click on the image for a larger view.)

Democrats 1.1
Is the Blue Note anything like the Brown Note?*

(*South Park fans will get that one)

For an interlude from my attempts to keep the SDGOP from making a terrible mistake, let's look at the other side of the aisle.

And hat tip to CCK. The South Dakota Democratic Party just upgraded their website, and made a major overhaul. Gone is the attractive, but nearly useless website that existed before. For the first time I can remember, there is some updated content. It looks as if they are trying what the SDGOP has had for several years for it's own website; actual content.

Now, to their credit, I have to say that the SDDP has one-upped my party in a couple of areas. (Sorry, it's not electing candidates). First, the SDDP has created a weblog, the Blue Note. You won't find it in my RSS feeds. Not for partisan bias, but they just aren't broadcasting an RSS feed. The link is already there on the right if you want to click on it.

The second area where they deserve some recognition and have something new for political parties in SD…

70, 1452, 7, 824
And none of these numbers are winners

Yup. More information on the proposed bylaw change from the South Dakota GOP. I've started writing e-mails and making calls to party leadership to plead my case. Hopefully, it might work.

You know, the more I look at this proposal, the more I believe it's authors are not considering the ramifications. I don't think they actually took pencil to paper and figured it out. Because the more I read it, the more I believe it is an attempt to derail the positive progress the GOP has made over the last 15 years.

I dont' recall that the GOP has ever been stronger. We hold all but 1 constitutional office. We kicked the Senate minority leader out of office. We hold massive majorities in either house of the legislature. Yet there's a few who want to go back to the "good old days."

I might be paying way too much attention to this issue, but its for good reason. It might abuse me. It might toss me aside. It likes to chew me up, and spit me out like used gum. But, I have in…

Coming tomorrow, the meat of the argument
Mmmm. Beef.

For loaning (and manning) my culinary tool known in some circles as "mega-grill," I had an excellent steak dinner over at the Hipple residence this evening. The T-Bone Steak was from Sutley's in Ft. Pierre, and it was just out of this world. Thumbs-up to charcoal grilling!

I've had some time to put pencil to paper this evening. And no, it's not regarding the impending referral.. er.. that is, the new property frontage tax and the increase in all utility rates and sales tax in Pierre that the city commission is voting on this coming Tuesday.

Why did I say referral? I'm not sure. A warning from beyond? Pierre residents, I certainly hope you show up at that meeting and tell the city commission that you "don't need no stinking new taxes."

Anyway, aside from teasing city government, for my post tomorrow, I did put pen to paper and I had a chance to figure out some exact numbers on how many Republicans are possibly going to be disenfranchised from conv…

Another Blogger concerned about cutting the elephant off at the grassroots
BIG HAT TIP to Radioactive Chief

Check out this EXCELLENT post by the Radioactive Chief. I don't think it could be said more clearly:
The Chief has recently learned of some proposed by-laws changes for the SD GOP that would have the immediate effect of greatly reducing the possible participation in the state conventions. This would be a HUGE bad move, unless what is desired is to freeze out grass-roots participation, and keep things neatly bundled up to be run by a would-be elite group. NOT the way to go!
Disclosure Notice: The Chief is currently a precinct committeeman, and just completed two terms as GOP County Chair, and has been involved in GOP activity since Youth for Goldwater days.So here's someone who just came off of a stint as county chair, and the party wants to give his participation at convention the heave-ho. Treatment like that does not engender loyalty.
I realize there are people who view this as a conservative/moderate battle. And I'm not going to differ. I don't know what brought on …

Save the state GOP from taking a step backwards!

(Here's my breaking news regarding the State Republican Party)

You know, it's about the time you're really feeling good about the way things are going for your own party, that someone thinks up a foolish way to step backwards into the dark ages of politics. And I hear I'm not the only one unhappy about it. What am I talking about?

A notice went out from the South Dakota Republican Party to the State Party Central Committee a day or so ago about some bylaw changes. You would think it's not a huge deal. It happens from time to time to clean up language, tighten up procedures, etc. Except this time.

For one of the central committee meetings held during the year- this one held annually in Huron during the State Fair (Sept. 10th this year), the party has just sent out proposed bylaw changes that are going to re-write the party delegate system. In effect, they are proposing to take the system that gave our state conventions tremendous strength and energy with hundreds and h…

** Breaking News Alert ** More by 6pm

No, it isn't the Pierre City Commission preparing to raise fees and taxes again. (Do I sense another referral election on the horizon....) BTW - kudos to Glodt for opposing it at the meeting on Tuesday night.

No, this breaking news isn't something you're going to read in the paper.

It's very political in nature, but it only matters to us Republicans. Tune in at 6 tonight and read all about it.

Beaten by "The Watch"
Tim Johnson Supports Medical Marijuana?

SD Watch beat me to the punch on posting about this, but I was equally as suprised at the RSS newsfeed brief that appeared a while ago. Here's what (According to the Medical Marijuana website) Senator Tim Johnson had to say about the issue:
I am open to the idea of a carefully managed, medically supervised treatment regimen that involves the use of marijuana where no other alternative is available. I am, however, very much opposed to the general legalization of marijuana.

I will continue to closely monitor the status of this legislation, and I will keep your thoughts in mind should legislation revisiting federal laws relating to medical marijuana be considered by the Senate.Holy crap! SD Watch is wondering how long until the main stream media picks up on this. I would concur. (Or will there be a supplementary statement coming from T.J. saying my staffer shouldn't have written that?)

Oh yeah, unless anyone has forgotten, I'm against it myself.

(PP prepares himself for yet anot…

Solutions to improving the number of GOP female elected officials?

I've had a little time for noodling on my post from this noon, and I don't think there's an easy or quick fix. As mentioned, I think the problems are threefold; Ability (time constraints), Fundraising/networking, and bucking tradition. Any of those can be tough to solve.

So, what are my suggestions to improve the recruitment/election of female candidates for the GOP?

Similar to the outreach committee the GOP has formed to improve electoral efforts within the Native American community, an entity should be created to cultivate women candidates. Yes, before you say it, I'm aware of the existence of Republican Women's Auxilliary. But that group's focus is on being an auxilliary. They are a volunteer force without equal. What I have in mind is something different.

Talking to a couple elected women who happen to be Republicans, why is that organization difficult for them? They go to work, take care of their families, serve on a municipal or school panel, often also bel…

Why is there such a gender gap in the GOP?

Don't call it a gender gap in voting, because I don't believe there is a considerable "voter" gender gap for the GOP in South Dakota. As in a prior post, I'm referring to the gap existing for those running for office as elected officials.

Before I start getting pelted with bricks and stones, it's not just me saying this. And it's not something hugely unique in South Dakota. It's a national trend in both parties. And even here at home, while Republicans have one woman in the State Senate, our colleagues across the aisle only have a whopping two.

On a pure numeric basis, I don't think the gap on all partisan elective levels is as bad as represented at the state or legislative level. Nationally, for all women in the legislature, we rank 40th. That's up from 42nd last year. Since the Center for American Women and Politics has been collecting data (1979) we've ranked as high as 10th in the nation, and as low as 44th. At this point, we're star…

Let's move this discussion on to the front page.

In a prior post, my wife had teased me under the comments, but correctly mentioned the following:
if you asked me,it means the Republican party needs to get more woman elected. And not just bringing back the seasoned veterans, let's find some new blood people! This will at least mean that my husband has some other women he can post pictures of on his web blog.And a Mr. Nonymous, I believe it's that A. Nonymous guy who always posts, had this to say:
The Mrs. should read the War College - 2 of the most influential GOP woman are Deb Peters and Shantel Krebs - ladies with great potential but perhaps not seasoned Vets.In defense of my wife, I think her point is that there are far too few Republicans of the fairer sex in office, period. And she's right.

Recognizing Deb and Shantel do currently serve, as well as Phyllis Heineman, Joni Cutler, Jean Hunhoff, Elizabeth Kraus, Alice McCoy, Casey Murschel, Donna Schafer, Keri Weems, and J.P. Duniphan (I think that's it) - since that…

Er, sorry Mrs. PP, but this one is too good not to use.

It's pretty dang funny. At literally the same moment I got this photo from DB, one of our very good Republicans in Davison County of Congresswoman Herseth at Dakotafest in 2004, my wife posts a comment in my post on Representative Herseth coming to town:
Considering you give Ms. Herseth 2 (count them - two!) photos on your scrolling wheel of political photo fun - I am starting to think you have a bit of a crush on her. And then there were those "Stephanie as a cheerleader" photos that you seem so enamored of - what does that mean? Yes, I know, they made you laugh. ha ha ha- hmmmm.Read the little Mrs' comments here. And she does bring up a good point about the GOP needing to elect more women to office, not just the same ones.

Yes dear, I agree totally. Whatever you say. Just take care of my new TV in Brookings while I'm not there. (And the kids too.)

The Day in politics August 31

Glenski, Mary H.8-31-1930Duniphan, Jeanie P. 'J.P.'8-31-1946Cradduck, Rebekah A.8-31-1953
It's time for the birthday club again. Today in politics, we have an "R", a "D" and a former "R" Legislator all celebrating birthdays.

Democratic House Member Mary Glenski celebrates a birthday today, as well as the only Republican woman in the Senate, J.P. Duniphan. They also share a Birthday with Rebekah Cradduck, who unusually was first appointed to a Senate term, and then once it was complete, dropped down and ran for the House.

Rebekah was defeated in 2004, but I always remember her as a real nice lady on the couple of occasions when I had spoken with her.

So, Happy Birthday from the SD War College to all three of you.

Do you comp blog reporters?

Had a note the other day from the Pierre Chamber of Commerce:
Luncheon with Representative Stephanie Herseth

Stephanie Herseth will be at the Chamber of Commerce Community Room on Thursday, September 1st, to talk about current issues going on in Washington and for the State of South Dakota. This event will be from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and will be $6.00. Please pre-register by calling the Chamber at 224-7361. This is great opportunity to express your thoughts, concerns, and opinions.Six bucks!! Somebody must be getting rich off of this one.

All kidding aside, if I have time, I'll probably go just to see what I can see. Hopefully to get a picture of the Congresswoman and blog a little on the event.

If you're in the area, I would strongly encourage you to brave the tangle of road construction on Sioux Avenue in Pierre, and check it out. It's across the road from the Ramkota, and just a little down the block behind the discovery center.

Alice vs. Lou
Wasn't that a tv show with Linda Lavin?

Interesting article in the Mitchell Paper today regarding the local Mitchell political scene. Apparently, term limited Republican State Representative Lou Sebert wants to take on Mayor Alice Claggett in that one fall, no holds barred match that the rest of us like to call a Mayoral campaign.

Check out this article in the Mitchell Daily Republic where we hear tidbits from either camp:

Sebert, 69, said he is “too young to quit serving the community.”

“Mitchell is a good community, and we want to try to keep it that way,” he said. “I think we are an envy to a lot of communities in South Dakota. They see things happening, and they try to make things happen and, well, here, they are.”ALICE CLAGGETT:
Claggett said she had received “threats that they are going to have somebody run who would beat me. I said, ‘Bring ‘em on.’ I could (not) care less if they beat me. If the people want him instead of me, that’s fine.

“I’m not running so I could win. I’m running because I think it’s best fo…

SD Politics - What's hot, and what's not
August 30, 2005

I'm starting this as a new feature to "bullet point" some of the week's happenings in SD politics for people who might not have time to digest the news.

Since most of my posts have been about bitching who is and isn't sending in their 10 questions, and the problems I've been having with my blog template, I thought I'd add something new - some actual political content.

Any of this discussion is meant to be applicable for a week's time. And like any other activity in politics, consider it all stale in about a week. And let it fade from your memory.
What's hot on August 30th?


SD Delegation saving Ellsworth: They can bring home the bacon, and fry it up in a pan. The kudos on Ellsworth are going to be remembered for a long time. Possibly even longer than a week.


Tom DaschleFrom RCJ: He said he would not be able to call Thune to congratulate him. "I am in Western Montana, so I'm not in a very good position to make calls," he said in a tel…

And a note to spedophile...

(inside joke for those who are wondering). Please note that you now have your Burt Tollefson photo in the rotation, now that the upgrade is "live."

You're just lucky that I'm a fellow "Burt Chronicler."

I would mention that my photo of Burt from the 2004 GOP National Convention is far better than his campaign photo was. Maybe he should have hired me?

Also note a few other photos from the convention in the rotation: The Honorable Gordon "Gordo" Pederson, The Honorable Brock Greenfield, and the Bush Twins. They and Arnold were the celebrities of the convention. And Zell Miller was the speech to watch.


Since neither one of my really good 10q's are in yet, for my 200th post, I decided to take the new design live, flaws and all.

I'm still doing some tweaking here and there. But it doesn't look like anything else that anyone in the SD blogosphere is doing. I hope to have all that remedied tonight (there's only so much I can do over my lunch hour).

The old template is still in a file, in case I have too many problems with this. BTW - in some versions of Internet explorer, it's just ok. In Firefox, it just sings.

So, bear with me and my growing pains.

In case you're wondering, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi scrolling in the photos at the top is Cadet b.k. (not to be confused with reader BK), the SD War College official mascot. And, yes, that is Todd Epp of SD Watch fame up there as well.

I'll change the pictures every once in a while as it suits my fancy. I already have a couple to change. I didn't do a very good job on the Thune one, and I have some excellent photos…