Let's move this discussion on to the front page.

In a prior post, my wife had teased me under the comments, but correctly mentioned the following:
if you asked me,it means the Republican party needs to get more woman elected. And not just bringing back the seasoned veterans, let's find some new blood people! This will at least mean that my husband has some other women he can post pictures of on his web blog.
And a Mr. Nonymous, I believe it's that A. Nonymous guy who always posts, had this to say:
The Mrs. should read the War College - 2 of the most influential GOP woman are Deb Peters and Shantel Krebs - ladies with great potential but perhaps not seasoned Vets.
In defense of my wife, I think her point is that there are far too few Republicans of the fairer sex in office, period. And she's right.

Recognizing Deb and Shantel do currently serve, as well as Phyllis Heineman, Joni Cutler, Jean Hunhoff, Elizabeth Kraus, Alice McCoy, Casey Murschel, Donna Schafer, Keri Weems, and J.P. Duniphan (I think that's it) - since that's the extent of Republican women elected to the Legislative or higher level, clearly, there is a gender balance within elected officials of the GOP that leaves a lot to be desired.

Now, I'm not for quotas or anything like that (don't get me started on that, I think they are discriminatory), but it makes it difficult for us to remain an attractive political option for young women to consider when the opposite side of the aisle shows young women Stephanie Herseth as an example of how far you can go on the statewide level, and we have..... Well, we don't have none right now.

Yes, you might say I'm being silly. But I see the pictures in the newspapers around the state on a weekly basis. When Congresswoman Herseth comes to town, young girls flock to her like she's a rock star. They want to be her someday. That's tough to compete with to start.

Why is there such a gender gap happening? (I'm probably going to regret this post. Very much.)

Stay tuned. I'll get back to it this evening. I've got to get going on the activities for the day.


Anonymous said…
"why is there such a gender gap happening?" Come on PP. Everytime old white men (and old white women for that matter) start prattling about abortion, we hear that giant sucking noise of young women leaving the party. Not because they're in favor of abortions or because they would choose one themselves, but because they're hearing the message that someone else knows what is best for you...no one likes to hear that.
Anonymous said…
Choice issues cannot be all the define this problem. It is as much an injustice to men as it is to women to say that this is THE factor which results in the lack of female candidates.

So - back to my original point - there are MANY MANY MANY fine Republican woman in SD - but they are NOT RUNNING FOR OFFICE in any large amounts.

I personally think the party is simply terribly complacent since it traditionally hasn't had to worry about filling the legislative (and higher) slots for potential candidates, much less worry about whether or not the female gender is ever represented.

As for me, I've been an elected official and expect I'll run again for something someday. I'm way past holding my breath in waiting for the men of the Republican party to get excited about this issue and extend a hand to potential female candiates like me.

If or when the party ever decides to make it a priority, however, I'll be happy to be "johnny on the spot", "the man of the moment", "the man with the plan" etc, etc. etc. Well, you get the idea.

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