Another Blogger concerned about cutting the elephant off at the grassroots
BIG HAT TIP to Radioactive Chief

Check out this EXCELLENT post by the Radioactive Chief. I don't think it could be said more clearly:

The Chief has recently learned of some proposed by-laws changes for the SD GOP that would have the immediate effect of greatly reducing the possible participation in the state conventions.

This would be a HUGE bad move, unless what is desired is to freeze out grass-roots participation, and keep things neatly bundled up to be run by a would-be elite group. NOT the way to go!


Disclosure Notice: The Chief is currently a precinct committeeman, and just completed two terms as GOP County Chair, and has been involved in GOP activity since Youth for Goldwater days.

So here's someone who just came off of a stint as county chair, and the party wants to give his participation at convention the heave-ho. Treatment like that does not engender loyalty.

I realize there are people who view this as a conservative/moderate battle. And I'm not going to differ. I don't know what brought on this spate of muddle-headed backwards thinking. But I'm going to do everything I can to fight it.

I heard it related that some people are supporting the measure because "If had been this way a few years ago, "X" would have gotten elected." Unfortunately, they are so blind, they can't see the forest through the trees.

They need to consider for just a moment, that if "X" had run a winning campaign in the first place, they would have been elected. Blaming the grassroots of the party for a candidate's lackluster effort is only an insult to the people who do the work. Keep insulting those people, and they are going to start working for another party.

Again, check out my post below. And get ahold of the state GOP at 224-7347, or e-mail the chair at - don't let the people who want to turn the clock back to backroom politics win!


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