Alice vs. Lou
Wasn't that a tv show with Linda Lavin?

Interesting article in the Mitchell Paper today regarding the local Mitchell political scene. Apparently, term limited Republican State Representative Lou Sebert wants to take on Mayor Alice Claggett in that one fall, no holds barred match that the rest of us like to call a Mayoral campaign.

Check out this article in the Mitchell Daily Republic where we hear tidbits from either camp:

Sebert, 69, said he is “too young to quit serving the community.”

“Mitchell is a good community, and we want to try to keep it that way,” he said. “I think we are an envy to a lot of communities in South Dakota. They see things happening, and they try to make things happen and, well, here, they are.”
Claggett said she had received “threats that they are going to have somebody run who would beat me. I said, ‘Bring ‘em on.’ I could (not) care less if they beat me. If the people want him instead of me, that’s fine.

“I’m not running so I could win. I’m running because I think it’s best for the community. I just feel that every election should have two people.”
Well, here we are. This sounds like a race that will make grammarians shudder. And who is "they" that the mayor is referring to? (Maybe our resident Mitchell blogger Sibby can clue us in)

At the time of the race, Lou will be about 70, and the current mayor will be 78. Both are campaign veterans having run in several races (The Mayor since 1997, Lou since 1999). The Mayor managed to squeak by Former Sheriff and U.S. Marshall Lyle Swenson in one of her last races. Lou has consistently polled in the 30-35% range in several 4 way house races, and has consistently come in first or second.

I would anticipate that this will be a race worth watching. Both are going to have strong groups of core supporters. They each have been around the block, and it sounds like neither one is going to roll over and die for the other. In fact, I don't think I would want to call this one this far ahead of the game.

2 cagey veterans fighting for a visible elected office in one of South Dakota's larger cities? This might just be one of the municipal races in watch in 2006.

(And my apologies. The owner in Alice was Mel, not Lou. Maybe Mel Olson will oblige me and get into the race.)


Anonymous said…
Mel should. He would beat the snot out of both of them.

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