Coming tomorrow, the meat of the argument
Mmmm. Beef.

For loaning (and manning) my culinary tool known in some circles as "mega-grill," I had an excellent steak dinner over at the Hipple residence this evening. The T-Bone Steak was from Sutley's in Ft. Pierre, and it was just out of this world. Thumbs-up to charcoal grilling!

I've had some time to put pencil to paper this evening. And no, it's not regarding the impending referral.. er.. that is, the new property frontage tax and the increase in all utility rates and sales tax in Pierre that the city commission is voting on this coming Tuesday.

Why did I say referral? I'm not sure. A warning from beyond? Pierre residents, I certainly hope you show up at that meeting and tell the city commission that you "don't need no stinking new taxes."

Anyway, aside from teasing city government, for my post tomorrow, I did put pen to paper and I had a chance to figure out some exact numbers on how many Republicans are possibly going to be disenfranchised from convention if the bylaw amendment passes on September 10th in Huron. The numbers will blow you away. And even worse than that, is exactly who is going to bear the greatest brunt of the bylaw change. Please read up below before I post, and feel free to contact your county chairman and urge them to help save our Republican party.

Stay tuned!


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