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The genesis of big ass ugly 4x8 highway signs

Just a little bit of recent SD history for ya! If someone can prove me wrong by showing an earlier example, please clue me in. But as far I know it, I’ve actually been in the midst of a SD political historical landscape icon. The Big Ugly 4x8 spray painted sign.
Not directly, at least. More like an observer noticing it as it went by.Like when I saw Kevin Costner at the Ramkota in Pierre when he was doing Dances with Wolves.Or when my Dad flew into Minneapolis on the same plane as “Baron Van Raschke” of AWA wrestling fame.
I first noticed the South Dakota 4x8’s come about when Tim Amdahl first ran for School & Lands in 1986, and made his own highway signs. Tim told me himself that he went and actually paid a sign company to cut a sheet of sheet metal for a template. Supposedly it was hundreds of dollars just for the template – and from there, he mass produced them onto cheap inexpensive chipboard.
Next time they were used? (Here’s where I come in) When Laska Schoenfelder ran for PUC a…

Well, I kinda do that job...

Okay, I’m sure there will be wondering by my one reader what the story is of the annotation of “Claiming to be something you are not” in the prior post.
Don’t. Just don’t do it. Never, ever, ever claim something you don’t have the distinct right to claim. I first read an article relating to this topic better than fifteen years back in the Rapid City Journal, how a Wyoming candidate was claiming attendance at a college. Problem was he never attended college there, and somebody looked into it.Killed that candidacy right there.
What was my own experience with this?I had someone who worked in a local county office who was running for the elected position; He served as the de facto second in command.He filled the role that the deputy officeholder would perform, but there was a problem.
The current officeholder said there would be no “named deputy” under him in the office.So my guy couldn’t rightfully claim it.Why was this an issue? My candidate had a popular statewide elected official also a…