Since neither one of my really good 10q's are in yet, for my 200th post, I decided to take the new design live, flaws and all.

I'm still doing some tweaking here and there. But it doesn't look like anything else that anyone in the SD blogosphere is doing. I hope to have all that remedied tonight (there's only so much I can do over my lunch hour).

The old template is still in a file, in case I have too many problems with this. BTW - in some versions of Internet explorer, it's just ok. In Firefox, it just sings.

So, bear with me and my growing pains.

In case you're wondering, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi scrolling in the photos at the top is Cadet b.k. (not to be confused with reader BK), the SD War College official mascot. And, yes, that is Todd Epp of SD Watch fame up there as well.

I'll change the pictures every once in a while as it suits my fancy. I already have a couple to change. I didn't do a very good job on the Thune one, and I have some excellent photos of him from the GOP Nat'l Convention .

Let me know if you hate it. Or if you don't.

UPDATE - I'm going back to the last design for a while, while I tweak the other one and get it to work right.

Okay, I've got it a little more in line with what I want. I'll see if I can live with it. If not, I can always go back to the last design. If there's any code jockeys out there, I'd welcome suggestions on shrinking the left column, and maybe putting in a hairline divider.

9:30 PM - OMF'nG!! These templates are a pain in the ASS! I think I've played with it enough. The main thing I want is my little scrolly thing with the pictures. And I've made allowances for crappy internet explorer, so it works with that OR firefox (The best browser solution made today - thankyouverymuch!)

p.s., if the little pictures rotating make you seasick, at the bottom left of them is the on off button (i/o) where you can start or stop the pics.


Anonymous said…
The actual text of your blog entry (not the links to the right or left of it, but the text itself) is cut off (on the left hand side) on my screen. Changing the text size doesn't remedy the problem. Just FYI
Anonymous said…

Either I've disappointed you somehow enough that you've kicked my blog off of your feed list, or my feed isn't working.

I take back whatever I had said about you. Put my blog back on! :)
PP said…
It's a feed validation error. I'm working on figuring out if it's something on my end.

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