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Is the Blue Note anything like the Brown Note?*

(*South Park fans will get that one)

For an interlude from my attempts to keep the SDGOP from making a terrible mistake, let's look at the other side of the aisle.

And hat tip to CCK. The South Dakota Democratic Party just upgraded their website, and made a major overhaul. Gone is the attractive, but nearly useless website that existed before. For the first time I can remember, there is some updated content. It looks as if they are trying what the SDGOP has had for several years for it's own website; actual content.

Now, to their credit, I have to say that the SDDP has one-upped my party in a couple of areas. (Sorry, it's not electing candidates). First, the SDDP has created a weblog, the Blue Note. You won't find it in my RSS feeds. Not for partisan bias, but they just aren't broadcasting an RSS feed. The link is already there on the right if you want to click on it.

The second area where they deserve some recognition and have something new for political parties in SD is they have an audioblog, or a podcast, the Dakota Blues Show. This is a first example of using this tech for a campaign or political party here in our state. We may see more people following suit shortly after this, hopefully from my own party. I've long been an advocate of the GOP being a tech leader.

I'll be curious to see if they can keep either one of them up during the heat of the campaign season when people other than the true believers might bother to peruse the website. Because that's when the propaganda would likely be the most influential.

Now, as far as content, in it's inaugural message, Judy Olson Duhamel pulls her finger and generates this weeks' "Blue Note" with a fresh new message for Democrats:
The opportunity for South Dakotans to make a change for the better and clean up this house comes in just over a year. The South Dakota Democratic Party believes that now is the time…the time to Clean House.
OMG. They have a brand new website and outlook, but the same tired message we've been hearing for over 30 years. You know, if you put a pig in a fancy pink dress, it's still a pig. And a losing message is still a losing message.

Although, Judy did bring a new message out that is certainly going to send rumbles through the SDGOP:
The defection of several Republican state legislators from the hardcore stance of their party towards a more moderate agenda is another signal of progress. The Democratic Party has long held that personal freedom and personal choice are tenants of our platform. To see a cadre of Republican legislators embrace that vision makes me hopeful for the future.
"To see a cadre of Republican legislators embrace that vision makes (her) hopeful for the future." Yikes! That statement is going to cause trouble. I suspect we're going to hear the term "giving comfort and aid to the enemy" thrown about in letters to the editor sometime soon.


Anonymous said…
It is unfortunate that Olson-Duhamel simply does not offer anything about what state democrats would accomplish if they were in power in Pierre. They should take a page out of their national party's winning playbook. They should run someone who pretends to be a conservative democrat for Governor, thus separating their party from the crazies at the national level and defining the local party. Just like the Democrats did with Carter and Clinton. Southern democrats disguised themselves as conservatives. That is a winning combination for democrats.

With the old liberal mantra and their card carrying crazies, like Volesky, they are bound to lose to someone who is vunerable. The right democrat with a conservative message could really split the GOP vote in this state right now.

It will be interesting to see how their strategy plays out, but I really do not have any faith in their abilities anyway. Their thought process is inherently flawed--they are liberals!

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