7pm update – I should call this attending the convention on less than $100 a day.

Good lord is it hot in the swimming pool area. I’m a bad delegate again, skipping the dinner. My excuse is a little better this time. My entire family is now here, and it’s not like I can troop 6 kids into the big banquet. Perkins was bad enough. I felt so bad about the mess my terrible troop made I left better than a 20% tip.

So, I’m letting them blow off some steam in the pool area while everyone attends the $40 a head banquet. There’s a casino night after the banquet starting about 9pm, and I might slip in there once I get the kids to settle in for the night and watch a movie.

Getting back to the delegate nominations, Representative Deb Peters gave the nominating speech for Tim Rounds, and I think I heard that Dana Randall’s wife gave one of the seconding speeches, and I think one of the delegates who had already given one gave the other. I’ll have to confirm all of this as everyone comes back to the hospitality rooms.

I saw a sign noting that Jarrod Johnson is raffling off a bunch of Genuine SD Beef as a fundraiser. (I am so there) I suspect there’s going to be at least $10 of my convention money going towards that raffle. I have visions of New York Strips and Ribeye steaks gracing my grill next weekend.

From the buzz I’m hearing, Rich’s t-shirts I designed are a hit. I’m just starting to break out own shirts from the first run of the new official SDWC shirts. Dan from Union County has some of his own he's going to distribute in addition to the unescapable Rounds t-shirts. (they're everywhere)

One comment I have from speaking with people at convention – good gosh! How many people are out there reading me? I’ve gotten more positive compliments for my weblog and the coverage I provide of GOP stuff than I think I've ever gotten at one time. I'll have to order another hotel room just for my swelled head.

One of the nicest was from Mary Jean Jensen, National Committeewoman. She thinks it’s a good way to help keep up on South Dakota politics, because you can’t always be in the thick of things. And that in addition to the good, she thinks it's ok that we see a little criticism. I’d heartily agree.

If we don’t have an occasional self-reflection and check of our values, how do we know if we need to correct our course? It’s not like politics come with a GPS system. By the time the election occurs, it may be too late.

Look at me. I know my writing stinks, so I started a blog to practice. I know I need to lose weight, so I constantly remind myself I need to lose 50 pounds. It’s called self examination or in other circles, it’s known as a gut check.

If I can help keep a Republican from making a foolish mistake at some point, then it is reward enough.

(of course, alternatively, you can buy a SDWC t-shirt)


Anonymous said…
I want a shirt, where can I get one?
Anonymous said…
Yea but 20% on $10 come on Pat.

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