Ugh, another tough trip to Brookings

I just rolled in to Brookings, and I'm going to take it easy tonight, my exhaustion the product of working and blogging until 1:30am every night this week. In the interim, here's a little update on convention happenings.

The PUC race roster is still evolving. I forgot Joel Dykstra, who I ran into in Pierre the other day at LaMinestra with Bob Faehn as I dined with a couple of elected officials. The other is Tim Rounds who was also lightly contemplating the race. It's a wide open field, so it's sure to draw lots of interest. Here's the tale of the tape as it currently sits:
John Koskan
Shantel Krebs
Jeff Partridge
Tom Hackl
Joel Dykstra
Tim Rounds
There's also rumor of Tom Bixler, whose overtures towards the Congressional race this year started off with a flurry but fell flat, considering a run for a constitutional office. However, he'd have to prove he'd be serious about this race after his previous efforts went nowhere to be considered.

I also heard a little about the rundown of hospitality rooms. Rich Sattgast is going to give away a few shirts and will again have a "theme" room as he did last convention with "Cinco de Mayo" (It was a hit last time, and is supposed to be THE place to be once again). I'm told the Governor's room is supposed to feature smoothies and nuts, Jarrod Johnson's will have popcorn, and Chris Nelson is having root beer floats. Vern Larson typically gives away elephant pins, and there will be various pop, beer, and baked goods among other things to round out the rest.

I'll have a camera with me, so I hope to give everyone a photographic rundown of some of the after-hours festivities as they occur.

If any other conventioneers have some good photos (R or D) e-mail them to me at and I'll feature them.

I will have a laptop with me, so (if there is a wireless connection) I'll try to give everyone the highlights from this weekend's GOP convention in Watertown.


Anonymous said…
John Koskan for PUC

It'll be awesome: nuclear-powered home schools!
Anonymous said…
Koskan: perfect way of balancing out the all-male, all-conservative Republican ticket.

Females, minorities and moderates need not apply.

All hail the June purge!!! To the right, to the right, to the right!!!
Anonymous said…
Death to the moderates!

Adelstein, Sutton, Sahr, Duniphan gone!
Anonymous said…
anon 8:16

at least they would have clean energy. ao and BTW what is wrong with homeschooling.. I think a homeschooler out west beat out an incumbant.....
Anonymous said…
just found out patridge, krebs, and dykstra are not seeking the position.

so far the only one that are for sure running is Koskan, Rounds is considering and no word on Hackl yet.
Anonymous said…
I'm waiting for the picture of Ted Klaudt doing a kegstand. That moment demands to be memorialized, and may earn the photographer a pulitzer.
Anonymous said…
How about Steve Barnett, Ben Ready, or Todd Schlekeway? They are future stars in the Republican Party, and they are men of true character and solid integrity!

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