3pm update - How did we manage to slide through the platform unscathed? Nominations are proceeding.

We managed to get through the rest of the resolutions and the platform planks in short order, and as I write this, my wife is on the way up here with the kids, and the nomination speeches are rolling along. Here's a rundown of who is making the nomination speeches for the candidates to this point:

Lt. Governor -
One of the Lt. Gov's daughters nominated the Lt. Gov, with seconding speeches by Arne Brown, and Eric Bogue

Secretary of State -
Former House Majority Leader Bill Peterson nominated Chris Nelson, with seconding speeches by Ryan Brunner and Marlene Hargraves

Attorney General -
Jim Seward nominated Larry Long, with a second by Claire Konold

Auditor -
Al Koistenen Nominated, Bill Trent and Cindy Flakoll Seconded.

Treasurer -
Greg Dean Nominated, Rosie Harrington and Nicole (something or another, I'll find out) seconded.

School and Lands -
Dusty Johnson nominated Jarrod Johnson, with seconds by Dana Randall, and Judy Dryzinka

PUC is currently being nominated at the moment, with Elizabeth Kraus providing a nomination for John Koskan. Bill Peterson performed his second second of the day. And so did Eric Bogue.

I'll update this in a bit, with Tim Rounds' information as I have to go get my hotel key, but stay tuned.


Anonymous said…
Did the resolutions about marriage and origin of species pass?
PP said…
Anonymous said…
The Lt. Gov's name is Laura Daugaard.
Anonymous said…
excuse me, his daughter who nominated him.

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