2 new blogs. Education and Coat Hangers

I've added two new blogs to the blogrolls. I suspect I'm pretty far from agreeing with their content, but I try to be inclusive. Intelligence gathering is the hallmark of a good campaign.

South Dakota Education Beat
is a blog focusing on educational issues. Coat Hangers at Dawn examines the garment industry.... (just kidding) it's named so as to conjure up the worst imagery of the abortion issue.

I'll continue to add my comments that Republican Bloggers are falling behind in number this election season. We used them to great effect in 2004. 2006 may find us regretting the lesson we taught the Democrats.


Haggs said…
Why wouldn't you agree with the educational one?
PP said…
Why would I automatically agree with them?

They've only got one substantive post to date, and it was a post titled "The Republicans and their 65% Solution" which spends it's time blasting the VC of the SD GOP, someone I personally support.

I'm not saying they aren't entitled to their views, I'm just saying from what I've seen so far, I might disagree.
SDEdBeat said…
PP... Thanks for linking me. Although, I hope I am not viewed as extreme as a "coat hangers" type point of view.

It's a blast on the idea, though, PP. It's a terrible idea. Maybe you should relay that to the VC of the SD GOP.

Let's get with the dialog. I'd be interested in hearing on why anyone would think this is a good idea... you won't hear anyone that knows anything about education saying its a good idea.
PP said…
I realize you're blasting the idea, rather than Elli herself.

It's not as if there's a universal solution.

RIght now, we're fighting about how much goes towards urban versus rural schools.

If you put the money towards teachers, people would complain that it's not going to the students. If you funded both, people would either worry about money not going towards capital improvements or they'd complain because they thought their taxes were too high.

Of course, if the state funds too much, there are complaints about losing local control.

Heck, if anyone had an idea to solve educational funding that everyone would agree on, I'd be all for it.
SDEdBeat said…
You know, you are on to something there, PP. People will continue to complain as long as funding isn't brought up to an adequate level.

Teacher pay is a critical issue. Highly motivated, highly qualfied teachers are the best way to impact teachers in South Dakota. Iowans are workin out a 150 million dollar plan to raise teacher pay. Wow.

As far as capital money. Yes, there should be program for that to. South Dakota is only one of 12 states that doesn't have a zero interest loan for capital improvements.

And I don't see anyone getting angry about local control because the state funds too much. Provide for education at the state level, and allow local districts to get them there. 49 other states contribute more to education than South Dakota.

As for taxes, yes. Perennial problem. Mostly, I believe, because we are too reliant on property taxes.

Lots of issues. Going to to visionary leadership to get us through it.

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