Man, candidate quality is starting to take a real dive.

As announced in the comment section in Mt. Blogmore:
Being Jankow’s #1 enemy, I hope to give, anyone who challenges the establishment, the information to win. We need to get the Janklow thugs, like Abdallah, out.

I emailed Napoli when he was quoted in the paper suggesting some senator get off his ass and attend the meetings that perhaps he should get his head out of his. I plan to run in district 23 for the senate (my emphasis - pp) and see if we support justice or not.

Comment by Merlyn Schutterle — 3/19/2006 @ 1:26 pm
Yes, you're reading it here second (after Mt. Blogmore). Merlyn Schutterle, a.k.a. the Phantom Molester, is telling people on the internet that he's running against Republican Senator Jay Duenwald. I'm not sure what party he's representing, but he's verbally throwing his hat in the ring.

Not familiar with the Phantom.. er, Merlyn that is? Here's his own website on geocities, and a KELO link on his considering the US House race back in 2002. His own website describes how he was investigated by the FBI and also provides copies of a few mental evaluations that Merlyn has undergone.

Merlyn believes he was unfairly targeted for evaluation at the HSC in Yankton by former Governor Janklow. Although, I'm not sure what you would do with a guy who calls himself the phantom molester.

So, as I say my prayers before bedtime, I'll include one for Merlyn: "Dear God, please let the Phantom Molester run in the election as a Democrat.."


As a concerned voter from District 23, I hope you'll keep us all up to date on this!
Anonymous said…
Merlyn did run for State House in 2002, I believe. He calls himself the Phantom Molester, because Janklow accused him of child molestation, which was never proven. I'm told he had an outstanding record as a school administrator, helping kids on the reservation in unconventional ways, like community gardening, and some of the elite and educrats were jealous of his results, so they decided to smear him. Considering Janklow's reputation for revenge,if he's his #1 enemy he can't be all bad.
Anonymous said…
He doesn't sound nearly as dangerous or deranged as Napoli or Hunt.
Anonymous said…
ksutIt would be interesting to hear the complete "bothsides" of the story.
Sounds like the pyramid scheme that rolled through Rapid City a few years back, ruined alot of reputations and careers over nothing, the prosecution supposedly used "blind criteria" but almost all that were arrested were public school teachers, city council persons etc and very few out of hundreds were ever prosecuted, very "janklow like."

The label "molester" is certainly a red flag but lets make sure we judge like we want to be judged.
Any questions? ask somebody that has been falsely accused of molestation, its no picnic.
Anonymous said…
at least merlyn didn't run a stop sign at 70 mph and kill an innocent man and then blame it on a blood sugar problem. Didn't Janklow have a confrontation with Merle in Aberdeen on the day of the accident? And Janklow tried to say that the stress caused a blood sugar imbalance?

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