Now what is that all about? Oh. ok . I get it now.

From today's Mitchell Daily Republic's letters to the editor:

I read this, and my immediate thought was "What the hell does this confusing letter about lawsuits and bad acts, murder and mayhem committed by police officers in California have to do with anything in Mitchell?"

It was confusing, and didn't have anything at all to do with South Dakota. That was my first clue what it was all about. My second was the author of this odd letter. Bonnie Russell. Yeah, THAT Bonnie Russell.

Apparently the South Dakota Jail for Judges contingent has decided to run a stealth campaign which has little or nothing to do with the issue they're campaigning on. They're going to convince the people of South Dakota to support their measure by clouding their minds with inane letters to the editor describing bad acts of police in paragraph after paragraph. And then without identifying why they are writing the letter or who they represent, they'll swoop in at the end of their letters to the editor and say "That agreement shouldn't have had a confidentiality clause." HA! We have you now South Dakota! You must vote for JAIL so Judges can be judged!

Oh, please.

At some point are we going to see some campaigning? Some logical arguments set forth in favor of their position might be nice. How about some examples of South Dakota judges criminally run amuck?

Don't have any? OK. Go with the confusing letters to the editor, so we can just write the whole thing off as the oddity it is.


Anonymous said…
If you read Mitchell newspapers you'd know why.
PP said…
Why What? And I read them every day.
Anonymous said…
How about the resignation of Peter Gregory? Oh yeah that was covered up too.

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