Just another couple examples

Good Advertising - Bold name and office. and only a few bulleted points. As an added bonus, he'd appreciate your support. I don't have to think, I just have to read it in 15 seconds, and I have it.

Not so good - Name and office only stand out so-so. He has bullets, but I'm wondering if I can take my kids in for Family Vision care. And then there's these long rambling paragraphs. Too much for such a small ad.

Keep it short and sweet, and put your emphasis on those things you want the voting public to remember - Name and Office!


The photo looks like a police department mug shot. Might be worth the $ to get a professional portrait done, eh?
Anonymous said…
I hope the voters know which town the first guy is running in, because his ad doesn't say!
PP said…
Anon, it was just in the lcoal paper. If the paper is mostly restricted to a locality, it's not a big deal.

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