If nobody's paying attention when D's throw rocks at R's, does it make a sound?

This afternoon, Don Carr over at the SDDP threw a few partisan stones at the GOP today on the Blue Note:
The Governor and Republican legislators have fumbled the ball so often that even the Miami Dolphins wouldn’t entertain a trade. As it’s been pointed out before, South Dakotans are hungry for leadership. They are fed up with fringe issues trumping the meat and potato concerns of average South Dakotans. They are tired of clumsy spin and empty rhetoric. South Dakota Democrats will deliver a better education, better wages, better opportunities for our farmers, and an open government by and for the people.
(Read it all here) Zzzzz... Zzzz... Oh, sorry. I dozed off listening to the empty spin and clumsy rhetoric. I was waiting onthe edge of my seat to hear about all the Democratic accomplishments this year.

C'mon guys. Do you think the heated rhetoric means diddly? Right now I don't see the SDDP announcing it's legislative accomplishments. Voters don't vote for you because you say we suck. All that negativity does is drive turnout down. And since we're in the majority, low turnout benefits us, not you.

Speaking of the SDDP, I don't hear that it's filled it's slate of legislative candidates, either. If I've seen anything lately, it's been activists in Sioux Falls saying "THROW ALL THE DEMOCRATS WHO VOTED FOR HB1215 OUT INTO THE STREET."

A novel idea? Fill your legislative slots. Throwing stones only earns you a sore arm.


Anonymous said…
I would agree that that mantra of the democrat party isn't persuasive or even worth their effort. Yes, the GOP has extensive problems, but be specific about the problem and give a solution. That will be effective.

For example, the democratic nominee will not hire his brother for the Governor's Office of Economic Development. Now that would have an impact.
Anonymous said…
I did read where Randy Frederick said "and most importantly our taxes won't be going up". I guess he forgot about all the school districts that have had to opt out. I think you taxes increase when you do that. Also raising the sales tax on farm implements from 3% to 4% looks like an increase
Erin said…
I hate that word disengenuous, but that is exactly what it is when you ask a minority party that gets out voted, out maneuvered, and shystered to show its accomplishments. This is the kind of political rhetoric that makes me long to be in other places.
Anonymous said…
PP --

You are the professor of politics 101, you should know by now that the super minority party isn't going to have legislative victories. At this point is to vocalize the short comings of the super majority.

I do not see how any Republican can be proud of the the party. Bush is making a mockery of the presidency, Rounds approval rating dropped faster than the speed of sound and the GOP legislative leadership lost all control of your parties right wing nuts...so much so that the National Party has had to question their abortion bill.

Randy Frederick is getting pressure to put out a message and how he described the legislative session was laughable. Don Carr just pointed that out. Your party has driven itself off a cliff and Mike Rounds wasn't able to stop the stage coach.

The South Dakota GOP has no vision and no leadership. Take your pick, the insurance salesman or the never had a real job politician.

The Democrats may not have much more to offer but as long as your folks are in charge, SD will continue to exports its most precious commodity...its young people.

Until all you right wingers figure out that your current "pro-business" policies are noting more that a cheap labor marketing ploy, SD will continue to be last in everything.

So, why you might thing Don Carr's blog might be a bore,at least he doesn't work for a party that seems hell bent on making SD last in everything!!
Anonymous said…
As a republican, I believe if Rounds is re-elected the liklihood of a tax increase is much more likley than if a democrat is elected governor. The reason: Rounds loves the government; lovers of government want it to grow; to grow the government you must give it more money; and the GOP legislators have no backbone to stop the imminent tax increases.

On the other hand, the GOP in the legislature is more likley to oppose a tax increase proposed by a democrat, even though they have been supporting everyone of the increases for years.

That is why I feel more confident in less taxes if a democrat is elected governor.
PP said…
Anon #3, are you really listening to yourself say "the reason that SD D's belong to that party is solely to voice shortcomings of the SDGOP?"

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