Phoning it in today
A post on seeing and being seen, and hits.

I'm noticing slim numbers of readers today in comparison to yesterday.

Yes, I got one quick one off this AM, and otherwise haven't had time to look at it until now. I spent my lunch hour reviewing a couple of potential business opportunities in Brookings and making phone calls on them which took precedence.

I had hoped to do a quick post at noon from information I got last evening. I was out eating dinner last night with Senator Greenfield who got to town late in preparation for Session today, and we ended up running into Senator Frank Kloucek. Frank had a legislative release he asked me to post, and I agreed. But I go to put it up, and I see Todd Epp beat me to it.

What? I'm in the number two position on Frank's hit parade after Todd? Rats. At that point, posting it seemed silly, since there's a link on the left to the same post on Todd's blog which would give people the same thing.

Speaking of Todd, I'm hoping to catch up with him this evening, or for Lunch tomorrow. He was just posting on how he hit records numbers recently. It must be because the political season is starting, because I'm already at last month's record of 7000 unique visitors, and it's only the 21st. It would be phenomenal to break 10k visitors in a month.

Commemorating another milestone, this month I anticipate I will have hit my 50,000th unique visit, and my 100,000th page hit. Not that it means anything, but it's not bad traffic for a political weblog. Not bad at all.

Just because I haven't done enough name dropping lately, I would note that I was walking into the Capitol this afternoon, and noticed one of the readers entering. So, on the way in, I finally had the chance to introduce myself to Senator Nesselhuf.

Oh - I did get a little bit of news. I'm hearing that there's apparently a Mrs. Trieb up in Deuel County with petitions out to run as a Republican Leigslator in the House race for District 4. If this is true, this would actually set up a primary with Val Rausch, and Mary Noshbush who have filed petitions to run as Republicans for the House in that district. (Expect Larry Diedrich to be the Senate candidate there).

Also - I'm starting to see a couple legislative candidate websites pop up in their infancy. Some are good, some are ok, and I did see one that made me say to myself "What he hell is this person thinking?" And yes, that one was a Republican. There will be more on that to come. I'll probably devote several posts to the topic.

Finally, KELO has a mayoral rundown on their website to help the confused voters of Sioux Falls make their picks. What can I tell from looking at the mayoral information KELO is providing?
#1 - Don't wear a hat in your candidate photo. Especially if you are running for mayor in Sioux Falls.

#2 - Don't wave to the camera for your official photo. As my mother would say "It makes you look finky."

#3 - The Argus Leader has mysterious powers of mind control.

#4 - And when you need an issue in Sioux Falls as a candidate; Just say "Water."
More to come.


Anonymous said…
Can I ask why Jim Robinson is an officer of Focus South Dakota, Inc. and his company recieved over $112,000.00 in revenue from the Corp.
Can you do that?
PP said…
You can ask... But I doubt anyone involved is going to answer.

My guess? I'm thinking it's because Focus SD is a shell organization to promote Democratic issues. They used polling in the last election in an attempt to legitimatize their positions.

But as Mark Twain said "Figures often beguile me, particularly when I have the arranging of them myself; in which case the remark attributed to Disraeli would often apply with justice and force: "There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics."
notla said…
Are you sure that the two ladies are not possibly the same individual? Mary N the ex Mrs T?
Don't know for sure, but might be.
PP said…
Actually, I did have a report tonight that they were.

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