The type of Hangman you don't play with letters

From KDLT News:
A judge has set the last week of August for the execution of Elijah Page. He's convicted of killing a Spearfish man in 2000.

Now a group says it's time to spread the word about its opposition to capital punishment.

Members of the Interfaith Task Force against the death penalty say the execution date has given death penalty foes a new sense of urgency and passion in their fight.

Read it all here. For years you literally could not get a South Dakota Jury to institute a death sentence. Now, we have several on Death Row. With an execution for this summer, you could see the death penalty become an issue in the fall elections.

It's a tough one. Do those who value life and are against abortion consider life valuable for all, or just for those not convicted of heinous crimes?

I had asked a few friends about that, and the best response was that an opposition to abortion was based on the notion of preserving life and the death penalty is about justice.

And it looks like finally this summer South Dakotans will be forced to face the moral implications of the Death Penalty on an up close and personal basis.


Nicholas Nemec said…
The Catholic Church seems to have the most consistent position on life issues. Against abortions and against capital punishment. All human life is sacred without exceptions. In other words "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."
Doug said…
PP, I would submit (and I know this has beat about the head and neck regions repeatedly with blunt objects) that, in abortion vs death penalty, one is due process and one is not. One is subject to a jury of their peers and the other is not. Therein, in my estimation, lies the difference.

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